September 28, 2022

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Guca Sagra to Constantino: ‘You’re not a journalist, you’re a fighter’ – Politics

Journalist from Rede Globo Guca Sagra responded to a comment by saying commentator Rodrigo Constantino was a “fighter”. Radio Jovem Pan He cites a hypothetical situation similar to the attack against journalist Vera Magalhès, by a left-wing member of parliament against the Bolsonaro politician. Chakra said Vera “doesn’t cheat” in recommending votes. Constantino has been posting art on his social media revealing the number of Bolsonaro candidates. According to him, since he is “a liberal with a conservative outlook”, he has no problem declaring his vote.

“While in power, Vera was very critical of the PT, as he was critical of Bolsonaro,” Guca said, then concluded, “That’s a journalist. You (Constantino) are a fighter.”

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