December 7, 2022

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Guess the 9 letter ‘tourist dream destination’

Do you still remember how to play the famous hangman game? This is a very old challenge. Something that was common when we were kids, but it’s still great at motivating us Logical reasoning. It tries to find which word matches the mark. For fun, the number of attempts was limited. Cheque? So look at the picture below and guess the word we all are looking for.

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How do you play hangman?

If you don’t remember very well how this game worked, don’t worry or go to Google, because we’re going to relive some of that delicious memory! In short, in the Hangman game, you have to find the correct word that fills the clue by referring to it one letter at a time.

When you get it right, the statement is actually part of the word, and the creator puts it in the right position. If you make a mistake, the creator will draw some members of a doll on the gallows to the left of the drawing. So, if you miss enough letters to complete the toy’s map, it’s game over! Your doll has been hanged.

Hint for finding the word

Generally notes method is used to make everything easier. Want an example? In the Hangman game below, there is room for a 9-letter word, but there are many of them that size. How do you know what is right?

Hangman game.

Well, now you should consider our golden tip: search for an Asian city. Also, you’ll notice that we’ve added some letters to help you complete the word, giving you some clues about the Southeast Asian city name we’re looking for. Hey, look at another help there!

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Even if you can’t guess and the puppet hangs, consider the opportunity to practice the same game several more times, but with different words. As for this particular challenge, don’t worry. Do not interest yourself. As you can see in the image below the word we were looking for is Singapore.