December 7, 2022

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Hadrian’s wall discovered under a busy road in the UK – SoCientífica

The incredible 1900-year-old invention came after workers at the Northampton Water Company made a power grid change in the West Road area near Newcastle, England.

During routine work, a team from the Water Company revealed that part of the famous Hadrian Wall was located just below ground level, east of two Paul Lonnan Roundabouts.

The newly discovered area of ​​the wall is believed to be one of the earliest phases of the landmark because it was built using large stone blocks, and later the phases used very small pieces of stone.

Northampton Water undertook part of a மில்லியன் 5 million project to improve tap water quality for about half a million customers at Dinacide when it was invented.

Graeme Ridley, Northampton Water Project Manager, said: “We are pleased to be able to make this amazing discovery and to work with archeological research services to ensure that it is properly preserved and moving forward.

There should be security around the dug trench. Image: Northumbrian water

“We have completed work in the area and this important work has been undertaken with the aim of protecting our water supply in the future and ensuring that our customers continue to receive the best, highest quality tap water.”

Philip Hunter of Archaeological Services Ltd said: “Although Hadrian’s wall path is well documented in this part of the city, it is always exciting to have the opportunity to find remnants of the wall and learn more about what’s important internationally.

This is especially true in this case where we believe we found part of the initial phase of the wall. Working closely with Northampton Water has always been a pleasure, and it takes the preservation of such archaeological remains very seriously.

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Northampton Water said the water pipe could be angled rather than a plug around the dug trench.