July 4, 2022

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Heat wave: Authorities warn of high-temperature deaths in Canada | The world

Of the city of Barnabas in the metropolitan area of Vancouver, Announced this Tuesday (29) At least 25 residents have died suddenly in the past 24 hours. Deaths can be linked Strong heat wave It has hit the region.

“While they are still under investigation, we believe heat is a factor in most deaths,” local police wrote in a statement. “Many of the dead were elderly.”

According to a report by CKNW Radio, CKNW Radio reported that at least 48 police calls were received from Burnaby, a neighboring city of Surrey, for cases of sudden deaths between Monday and Tuesday.

“Look at your neighbors, your family members, the elderly you know,” Canadian Mounted Police Officer Mike Kalanch said in a statement.

Buildings in Vancouver, Canada This Monday (28) with record heat in the country – Photo: Jennifer Gauthier / Reuters

Oh Temperature recording Already recorded in history Canada Not lasting 24 hours, already updated: Thermometers 47.5. Denoted as C Monday (28) in Lytton, a small town in the province of British Columbia. It is almost a degree higher than a centigrade Or not recorded on Sunday In the same city.

To get an idea, This value is almost 3 C higher than Brazil’s historic temperature record, Which is 44.7. C. According to the National Meteorological Agency (INMAT), This mark was reached in November 2005 in Bom Jesus to Pia.

As the heat intensifies in western Canada, British Columbian authorities are urging their employees to lay off if they cannot guarantee their safety. Air conditioning is not fitted to such high temperatures everywhere as there is mild temperature in the region even in summer.

Northwestern United States and southwestern Canada face record heat
Northwestern United States and southwestern Canada face record heat

Northwestern United States and southwestern Canada face record heat

Heat wave in the United States

Children play on American Heatwave Day on Sunday (27) at a fountain park in Seattle, USA – Photo: Karen Ducey / Reuters

The heat wave also hit cities in the northwest United States Break records. Sunday, American Athlete Selection Tokyo Olympic Games Had to stop at Eugene in Oregon.

Two major cities in Northwest America have achieved:

  • Portland, Oregon – 46 C.
  • Seattle, Washington – 42. C.

The warning was that, according to the Associated Press Agency, the test sites for Govt-19 and vaccination centers were closed due to heat. Both states have high rates of immunization and very low cases Corona virus.

What explains this heat?

Female Granddaughter Refreshes In Maple Ridge, Western Canada This Monday (28) – Photo: Jennifer Gauthier / Reuters

Meteorologists call this phenomenon the “heat dome.” According to the AB Agency, which asked the head of meteorological research in Seattle, it is a very rare and very strong peak in the high pressure system, which reduces the intensity of the wind and dries the air.

As a result, this Monday’s temperature was higher than the rainy season in the northwestern United States and western Canada than in the deserts of Arizona.

The event will be short-lived and temperatures are expected to drop gradually from this Tuesday. Winds blowing from the Pacific will help reduce heat in the coming days.

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