December 7, 2022

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Hurricane Ian kills 21 in Florida and packs 136 km/h winds toward South Carolina | National magazine

Governor Ron DeSantis said Rescue teams are going door to door searching for survivors. More than 3,000 houses have been inspected.

In Orange County, the only way to get help is by boat.. On hard-hit Sanibel Island, the Coast Guard used a helicopter to rescue a woman and her neighbor.

Many decided to help themselves. Globo’s team spoke with three Brazilians who live in the area. In an Internet group, they learned about a family that had to flee a devastated area and decided to drive 160 km to help.

“We leave Sarasota, Florida and go to Fort Myers to rescue a family of Brazilians there. We don’t know what they need. In this case, Teresa has a nine-year-old son in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. Given the weight of the chair and the weight of the child, imagine how to get rid of it. It’s hard to do,” explained Cristian Almeida.

On the way, They recorded how difficult it was for people to get basic things like water and fuel.

In Venice, residents are shocked:

“Some people are shocked and want to get out of here,” says one.

One couple wrote, “Go home, Ian.” But the hurricane still threatens America.

Ian could cause more damage to the rest of the United States. More than 5 million people are covered Tornado warnings for South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

President Joe Biden said it should be marked One of the worst hurricanes in the country’s history.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Christian, Jose and Edivanio find Teresa’s family safe:

‘Thank God, everyone was saved. Thank God, everyone is fine.”