December 7, 2022

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In Paris, protesters demonstrate against the vaccine pass The world

Protesters took to the streets of Paris on Saturday (31) France, The third weekend in a row, the fight against vaccinated bosses.

Bars, shops and theaters in France will require a health pass

The government said the pass would be valid from August. The French delegates approved the move, but the country’s Constitutional Court has not yet assessed the rule.

People must show documents proving they have been vaccinated to enter restaurants and travel across the country.

Citizens can also test negative for Govt-19.

The same rule applies to vaccinating health professionals.

About 112,000 people have died from Covit-19 in France.

About 3,000 policemen took to the streets with protesters.

Protesters show the flag against the Covit Pass on July 31, 2021 in Paris

Four protests are taking place in different parts of Paris. Protesters argue that this provision restricts their freedom.

Police have already used water cannons at times.

Polls show that the majority of French people like the pass, but a minority is strongly opposed to it.

The French leader against this pass is Franுவாois Acelino, a politician from a smaller party, which is also against the European Union.

He did not go to the demonstrations this Saturday because he was with Govt-19.

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