July 30, 2021

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In Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense forced female soldiers to march in high heels | The world

There is controversy in Ukraine Pictures of female soldiers from the country at a military parade wearing high heels — this is a kind of scarf.

On Friday (2), the Ministry of Defense released photos of soldiers marching in uniform at high heel pumps.

Shoes are part of the official military uniform, but at first they are worn only for casual occasions, not for marching in combat uniform.

He said it is more difficult to march in this type of shoe than a cadet boots.

Ukraine will hold a military parade in August to commemorate 30 years of independence since the end of the Soviet Union.

Ukrainian military women march in high heels – Photo: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Press Service / AFP

Opposition lawmakers criticized the military’s shoes. They suggested that the defense minister attend a military parade in Scorpion.

According to MPs, female soldiers are defending the country and are not qualified to risk their lives to make fun of them – except for health risks.

According to The New York Times, the Ministry of Defense dropped the idea.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Deputy Olena Kondratouk said the authorities should apologize to the soldiers.

According to him, more than 13,500 women who have already fought in the conflict between Ukraine and separatists in the east of the country with the support of Russia (more than 13,000 have died in the conflict since 2014).

See the 2019 report on the conflict between the Ukrainian government and separatists in the east of the country.

Pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists exchange more than 200 prisoners

Pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists exchange more than 200 prisoners

Today, more than 31,000 women serve in the Armed Forces.

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