December 7, 2022

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International leaders have congratulated Lula for winning the election

International leaders congratulated Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (EN), aged 77, To win the presidential election This Sunday (30.Oct.2022) Vs Jair Bolsonaro (PL) The elected candidate is the first in history to be elected to the post 3 times by direct vote.

“Dear Lula, congratulations on your election, which begins a new chapter in Brazilian history. Let us work together to address many common challenges and renew the friendship between the two countries.wrote the French President. Emmanuel MacronYour A non-Twitter profile.

M ReportChairman America, Joe BidenLula congratulated. “I look forward to working together to continue the cooperation between our two countries in the coming months and years.”The US president wrote.

The President of the United States said that the Brazilian election “Free, fair and reliable”.

US Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkHe congratulated [população] To exercise the right to vote and reaffirm the strength of its democracy. These are, on your Twitter profilewhat “We look forward to continuing a strong partnership with President-elect Lula as we build a democratic, prosperous and equitable hemisphere.”.

Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio CostaHe said on social media “I have already had the opportunity to warmly congratulate Lula as President-elect of the Republic of Brazil”.

He said that “In the coming years, we look forward to working together in support of Portugal and Brazil, but also around larger global causes”.

Prime Minister Canada, Justin TrudeauThese are on your Twitter profile “We look forward to working with Lula to strengthen partnerships between countries, deliver results for Canadians and Brazilians, and advance shared priorities such as environmental protection.”.

Latin America

President of Argentina Alberto FernandezPublished on your Twitter profile what “Success [de Lula] opens a new era in the history of Latin America”.

“The era of hope and future begins today. Here you have a partner to work with [população]Fernandez wrote.

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From to Vice President Argentina, Christina KirchnerHe thanked Brazilians for electing Lula to Planaldo.

“Today more than ever, love and joy abound. Thanks to the people of Brazil. Thank you, Comrade Lula, for returning joy and hope to our South America.Kirchner wrote in his book A non-Twitter profile.

President of Chile Gabriel BoricLula congratulated on your Twitter profile. State President Chile PT shared a post.

Colombian President, Gustavo PedroHe wrote “Long Live Lula” on your Twitter profile.

President of Ecuador, Guillermo LazoHe also published a publication on the success of PT. “Let us continue to strengthen friendship and cooperation between our countries for better days for our citizens in democracy. Our region is integrating itself in diversity.”Lasso wrote on your Twitter profile.

Also on Twitter, the Peruvian president, Peter’s Castle, These are That’s Lula “Worker, Trade Unionist and Militant”. Called PT “mate” He said that “Its victory is necessary to strengthen the unity of Latin America and the social justice of the Great Fatherland”.

President of Mexico, Andres Obrador, He shared the photo With the presidential candidate-elect. wrote that “Lula won, blessed people of Brazil. There will be equality and humanity. He said on his Twitter profile.

President of Venezuela Nicolás MaduroOne did publication Celebrating “This October 30th, a victory for the people of Brazil who elected Lula as their new president.”.

“Long live freedom, sovereignty and people committed to being independent! Democracy won in Brazil today. Congratulations, Lulu! A big hug!”Maduro said on Twitter.

President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel BermudezPublished on your Twitter profile A photo with Lula and the former Cuban leader Raul Castro. Also wrote: “Brother President Lula, we hug you”.

President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle PouLula congratulated on your Twitter profile. He said he believed in PT “Working for a modern Mercosur open to the world”. He announced that he was expecting “Continue and develop excellent bilateral relations” of countries.

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Former President of Bolivia Evo Morales He congratulated PT for winning the social media platform. These are “Make sure of that [Lula] He will return to work for the poor and restore his country’s dignity and sovereignty in foreign affairs. The Great Fatherland embraces you, brother! “.