December 7, 2022

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Israel confirms low efficacy of Pfizer vaccine against delta strain and considers use of 3rd dose

The rapid spread of Delta strain has forced Israeli authorities to order two clinical trials to examine the need for a third-degree vaccine.

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Satellite BrazilThe Israeli Ministry of Health said on Monday (5) that the effectiveness of the Pfizer / Bioendech anti-Govit-19 vaccine against the spread of the delta variant in the country has decreased.

The effectiveness of immunizations has dropped by 64% in the prevention of symptomatic infections over the past month, the organization noted, which coincides with the rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant across Israel.

However, health officials have promised that Pfizer’s immunization will provide even stronger protection against severe forms of the disease and those admitted to the hospital, where it shows 93% effectiveness.

Although the ministry did not present previous figures in its report, a report released in May indicated that the Pfizer vaccine was 97% effective against severe infections after two doses. In March, Israeli researchers found that immunization was 91.2% effective against any symptomatic infection.

Third dose?

The new data comes amid a slight increase in epidemics in Israel, with the total number of cases active on Monday (5) reaching 2,766, after 369 new infections were confirmed. It is believed that the delta variance represents more than 90% of all cases.

The rapid spread of the strain has forced Israeli Health Minister Nitson Horowitz to commission two clinical studies to examine the need for a third-degree vaccine, which he said would provide policy makers with “vital information.” Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett’s Office said the study would “evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine and the speed at which it disappears over time”.

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Although nearly 60% of Israel’s population – 9.3 million people – have received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine, cases continue to be found in vaccines. As of Friday (2), more than half of the new infections were in patients who had already been vaccinated.

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