September 28, 2022

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Karnal, Pandey and intellectual frogs. By Nathalia Claro Moreira

Leandro Cornell and Luis Felipe Pandey. Photo: Reproduction

By Natalia Claro Moreira, University Professor, Researcher in Phenomenology (UERJ) and Ethnohistory (UFGD)

A few years ago, the Brazilians chose Leandro Karnal and Luis Felipe Pandey as references for unrestricted cognition. Karnal has works in his field of study, American history, and Pandey in Place Pascal. If they keep them in their ponds the situation will be calm.

But Astrology’s pointed tongue, well-pressed suit, and white skin both became a sort of Oracle of Delphi.

It was not unusual to see Colonel Fatima talking to Bernardus about anything. Same thing with Ponte. Football? Marketing? A conflict between two African tribes in some remote sub-Saharan region? Picks? Buddhism? Who is the founder of Christianity? Will KLB return? All. A beautiful speech, a phrase from Shakespeare, a historical curiosity, a proverb from Nietzsche, caviar air with champagne in a cocoa snake… a beautiful answer came.

The Brazilian welcomed it. Welcomed by Globo. GND welcomed. It’s true that these guys spend 24 hours a day reading “current affairs”, but the reality is that their latest work is in the self-help category (unfortunately it’s a top 10 bestseller on the Veja chart).

The colonel argued that sending audio on WhatsApp these days is illiterate.

Today, I read a scathing article in which Pandey argued with his scathing thinking that “Autism is the latest trend in the market”.

Bloodshot eyes like Oedipus.

In my last metaphysics class at UERJ, a distinguished professor said with a laugh that CNN had called the department to see if they could talk about Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

He asked if he could talk about the ontology of war. They hung up.

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That’s it. Stay in your ponds, wise frogs.

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