September 28, 2022

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Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of England the world

Liz dress He was announced as the new leader of the British Conservative Party on Monday (5th). United Kingdom. He had secured more than 81 thousand valid votes (57.4%). Rishi Sunak It was more than 60 thousand (42.6%).

An admirer of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom she played as a child in a school play, Elizabeth “Liz” Truss now hopes to follow in her footsteps as the third woman to head the UK government. He will lead the country until the next election scheduled for 2024.

Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, shortly after being announced as the winner on August 5, 2022. – Photo: Hannah McKay/ Reuters

Rishi defeated Sunak in the last round of the Conservative Party internal elections. Sunak, who was finance minister under Boris Johnson, is of Indian origin and left a lucrative career in finance, including Goldman Sachs and hedge fund TCI, to become a member of parliament in 2015.

Find out in this article what the steps are to switch positions between Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

Liz Truss has been elected as the new Prime Minister of England

After being announced as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss took to the stage at an event organized by the Conservative Party to talk about her plans and thank her supporters.

“Thank you, friends and colleagues, for placing your trust in me to lead our great Conservative Party, the greatest political party on earth. It has been an honor to be the leader of this party,” he said.

Liz took the moment to congratulate her contestants and thank her family and Boris Johnson.

“Boris, you got Brexit. You crushed Jeremy Corbyn, introduced the vaccine. And you stood up to Vladimir Putin. You were admired from Kiev to Carlisle,” he declared.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss – Photo: Reuters

Looking ahead to the two years leading up to the 2024 election, Liz Truss promised bold and effective planning.

“I’m going to deliver a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy. I’m going to respond to the energy crisis by tackling people’s energy bills, but also by tackling the long-term issues of energy supply,” she said.

How Elections Work

The leader of the Conservative Party, which has the majority in the British Parliament, also holds the post of Prime Minister of England.

There are several rounds of voting between conservative representatives. In each of them, the lowest-voted candidate is eliminated from contention. This phase took place in July.

In the final phase, between the two final candidates, all party members can participate in the examination and votes are sent by post.

Balmoral Palace, Scotland — Photo: Stuart Yeats from Oxford, UK – via Flickr/WikiCommons

Contrary to tradition on Tuesday (6), the appointment of the new prime minister will not take place at Buckingham Palace in London. It will be held at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth spends her summers.

The 96-year-old monarch has had to cut back on her public appearances this year due to episodic mobility issues and will not travel to London.

Johnson is expected to make a statement outside Downing Street on Tuesday morning before traveling to Scotland to present his resignation letter to the Queen.

He won the election Officially invited to meet the queen and form the government.

When a new prime minister is appointed, the court circular, the official record of royal families, will record “hands kissed by the prime minister in appointment”.

Queen Elizabeth had 14 Prime Ministers during her 70-year reign.

The new prime minister returns to London to deliver a speech at Downing Street at 4pm (12pm GMT).

The new prime minister will appoint a cabinet and ministers will meet on Wednesday morning before the new prime minister arrives in the House of Commons, where he will be questioned alongside Labor’s opposition leader Keir Starmer.

The video and podcast below explain the scandals that led to Boris Johnson’s resignation:

Understand the scandals that led to Boris Johnson's downfall

Understand the scandals that led to Boris Johnson’s downfall

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