December 7, 2022

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Lucifer: Is an Anticyclone SC Possible to Affect Europe and Africa?

A heat wave that destroys Africa and Europe, known as Lucifer, leaves the climate in a bad state; See how this phenomenon is reflected in southern Brazil

Extreme heat waves have hit parts of North Africa and southern Europe in recent days. Even this Wednesday (11), the island of Sicily in Italy broke a record of almost 45 years, recording a temperature of 48.8 C.

The scorching heat in Italy throughout the week; Extreme heat alert running at least 20 – Photo: Cecilia Fabiano / Associated Press / Estado Content

It is an anticyclone – nicknamed Lucifer – from Africa. The origin of the heat, according to experts, describes the Sahara desert and, in some ways, the severity of the climate.

Anticyclones are areas of high atmospheric pressure created by sinking air. The air, when pressed, becomes hot and dry.

According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organization), the value of 48.8 C was measured, breaking the 1977 record when Athens, Greece reached 48 C.

Incidentally, the temperature is below the UN. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Given a kind “Warning” for almost irreversible damage caused by human activity.

Francisco Elysee Aquino, Professor of Climate at the Department of Geography at the UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), said that regardless of the values ​​reached between Europe and Africa, this is the most detrimental temperature for true human health.

This phenomenon has an impact on health and the environment. Heat waves put physical and organic stress on us, triggering heart attacks and heart disease, ”he thought.

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In Algeria, heat reaches extremely rare extreme values. The city of Bejaia had a high of 48.4ºC, the highest in the local station’s historic series, beating the previous record of 45.3ºC by 3.1ºC.

The maximums recorded in Algeria between 48ºC and 49ºC are one of the highest in the African continent.

The situation is not expected to improve in the coming days and in some countries it may get worse. Very hot air in the region is highly active with the atmospheric barrier system associated with the Lucifer anticyclone.

At this time the air temperature in Europe and Africa is revolving - Photo: MetDesk / RevelationAt this time the air temperature in Europe and Africa is around – Photo: Med Desk / Release

There is a large heat bubble, which is called in English Thermal domeIt brings a long line of dry and hot weather days. The hot and dry weather re-feeds and makes the situation worse.

Reflections in Brazil

The professor has nothing to do with UFRGS Directly with Brazil or the southern region of the country. The professor avoids comparison, but explains that there is an indirect relationship, above all, with the cold waves recorded between July and August.

In recent months, however, the professor recalled that there was a kind of forced balance when the southern part of the hemisphere experienced severe cold.

This is the second heat wave recorded in Europe. We recorded hot waves on the western border of the United States with Canada. The planet is hot. This northern hemisphere heat will be reflected in the southern hemisphere, ”he added.

Francisco says that although there is currently nothing on the “radar”, this extreme heat in Europe could cause effects such as hurricanes, high tide, flood and other weather “anomalies”.

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To the maritime teacher UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina), Regina Rodriguez, This is an event that only affects Africa and Europe and directly, there is no need to worry about the so-called Lucifer anticyclone.

In connection with evil and destruction, Lucifer was already named in 2017 as an anticyclone that caused a heat wave in Europe.