December 7, 2022

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Lula tests country’s patience, confronts future market and ignores his past – News

Lula doubled the bet. He decided to confront the capital market and the entire financial system, while he chose to ignore public opinion and was not satisfied with accepting a jet ride from a businessman accused of corruption.

The presence of the President-elect at COP-27 in Egypt would have been an absolutely positive event for the PT. But Lula did not back down. Again, before taking office, he played to an audience that had already won the polls and sent bananas to those who promised to “pacify the country.”

Knowing the fear of the market after his announcements on financial regulation and public accounts, considered dangerous by people who care about investments and capital: “Is the stock market going to fall, the dollar is going to rise? Patience”.

Either it’s too detached from reality or it stretches the rope to a point Lula has never seen before. Along with the damage among those who fear a government disconnected from liberal ideas on the economy, there are also fears among Brazilians who remember a PT involved in patronage and corruption schemes.

Lula decided not to explain any more the reasons that prompted him to accept the unwanted and unwanted ride. But he has not shied away from issuing signals that he will not satisfy the financial market, the business community and even foreign investors. He runs the risk of talking to his loyal admirers alone – which we know won’t be enough to replace (and keep) him in the presidency.

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