December 7, 2022

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Lula’s travel on a businessman’s jet may have cost as much as R$2.8 million

In Portugal, the president-elect was asked about the expenses and said he had a ‘hitchhike’ with a businessman friend.

22 Nov
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Lula and US Climate Ambassador John Kerry

Lula and US Climate Ambassador John Kerry

Photo: instagram/@lulaoficial

A trip of the President’s choosing Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (EN) even went to Egypt to participate COP27Then to Portugal, when he met with heads of state, it may have cost him as much as R$2.8 million, according to a newspaper investigation. Folha D S. Paulo

Lula traveled in a 12-passenger Gulf model jet owned by businessman Jose Ceriberi Filho, the founder of Qualicorp and a friend of the PT member for many years.

According to the newspaper’s quote, the model used on Lula’s trips – a Legacy 650 – costs R$ 2.8 million to rent. The aircraft has a capacity of 14 passengers and requires one stop to refuel.

In Portugal, the president-elect was asked about the expenses and said he had ‘hitchhiked’ with a businessman friend and would have to accept support again on new trips until his inauguration. Visits to Argentina and Uruguay are on the radar. Travel on an executive jet to these countries costs about R$140,000, the newspaper said.

Lula in Lisbon

Lula in Lisbon

Photo: Rodrigo Antunes / Reuters

If he is responsible, Jair Bolsonaro The trip had to be provided by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) as there was no budget to cover the President-elect’s expenses during the transition period.

“There is no indication today that such a trip would be made on a FAB aircraft [Força Aérea Brasileira] Or it is not provided by the current government [Jair Bolsonaro] Not going to the COP”, says Lula’s advice, the PT’s trip to Egypt and Portugal created a gain for Brazil in the aftermath of the world.

The affair created a stir among Lula’s allies. Edinho Silva (PT), the mayor of Arráguara, who coordinated the presidential campaign, told the publication that the change in the law was necessary to include a budget for the costs of the transition: “In other countries, this kind of support that President Lula receives is normal, there is no controversy. A president or a public figure in public office Individual initiative to support, this is not a problem in many countries of the world, in Brazil, because of the political environment we are in. In life.”

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