July 4, 2022

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Madeleine McCann case: Suspect breaks silence over letter murder allegations; Find out the details

Last year, the enigmatic disappeared Madeleine McCann Received new hypotheses with the appearance of a new primary suspect: Christian Bruckner. Now, the German, who has already been convicted of rape and drug trafficking, broke the silence and spoke about the case for the first time. In addition to claiming his innocence, the sex hunter criticized the investigations and prosecutors in the case.

This Monday (14), German tabloid Built revealed access to the letter – which was dated May 8 – and released details of the text. In it, Christian said prosecutors should resign because “they are chasing an innocent person.” He called the investigation a “corruption” and sued for reporting to the press about him. “Inappropriate for the post”, He wrote, would bring lawyers “disgrace to the German legal system.”

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According to Bildt, there was also a bizarre map with the letter in which the lawyers ordered food at a restaurant. The maps had speech bubbles, such as: “I want a forensic pilot” e “Delicious! Me too!”. According to The Daily Mirror, these lines indicate that investigators agreed that there was no forensic evidence.

Christian Bruckner Carda
Christian Bruckner added a bizarre cartoon about lawyers to his letter. (Photo: Reproduction / Built Photo Service)

“It’s one thing to convict an accused person., He continued, in his series of complaints. “Freedom of speech is not a fundamental right of everyone to say and write what they want. Freedom of expression does not protect the majority. She protects minorities. It does not preserve the most logical, the most conclusive, or the most popular view, but a different position. “, He continued.

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Suspicious Missing other children, Christian relied on his past beliefs to ask public prosecutors to resign. “I appeal to the Brunswick public prosecutors [Hans Christian] Walters e [Ute] Lindemann to resign “, he said. “Both are proving to the world through my spontaneous beliefs in the past, and through the pre-defamation campaign against the slander they have leveled against me by an innocent person, that they are now, as advocates for the honest and trustworthy German people, you are insulting the judiciary.”, Completed.

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Remember the case of Madeleine McCann

Little Madeleine McCann disappeared at the age of three while on vacation with her family in Priya da Luce, Portugal. She will be four years old in 10 days. The woman was in the hotel room with her twin brothers, Sean and Amelie, then two years old. Her parents, Kate and Jerry McCann, went out for dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant inside the tourist complex, and the children went unnoticed. When they returned, they found Medellin gone.

Kate and Jerry McCann in 2007. (Photo: Reproduction / YouTube)

After the accidental death, Madeleine’s own parents were considered suspects by the Portuguese police, with the assumption that Kate and Jerry were hiding their daughter’s body. The line of inquiry was later dropped. Another suspect was British-Portuguese Robert Murad, who lived near the hotel. Without major conclusions, the case remains a major mystery to this day, arousing public interest. Maddie has been seen nearly 9,000 times in more than 100 countries – all tracks are false. Netflix also reviewed the story of the documentary “The Dispersion of Madeleine McCann” and had interviews with key stakeholders.

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New suspect, new lines of investigation

In June 2020 things changed The name of Christian Bruckner appeared in history. He is currently being held in Germany for other crimes. According to the Brunswick Attorney’s Office at the time, The boy committed several crimes, Including robbery of apartments and hotel premises, as well as involvement in drug trafficking.

Christian Bruckner was the prime suspect in the case. (Photo: Reproduction)

Since then, officials have said Analyze the case as a murder, Disappearance. “We think the woman is dead”, Said attorney Hans Christian Walters at a press conference on June 4, 2020. According to him, there was “Conclusive evidence” about Madeleine’s murder It has not yet been released so as not to affect Brookner’s investigation. Since then, properties and locations linked to Bruckner have been investigated and evidence or even the remains of the girl’s death have been searched.

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Last month in May 2021, German police hoped to finally unravel the story. Authorities told The Mirror that Madeleine had been killed in Portugal. Previously, that was the theory Christian He abducted the child in Priya da Loos and took her to Germany, where he lived. However, attorney Walters said there was now “conclusive evidence” that the child was still killed in Portugal.

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Christian Bruckner killed Madeleine McCann in Portugal. (Photo: Reproduction)

I hope we will resolve this case.“, Said the man. Then came the results German police are investigating a plot in which Bruckner lived, Last year. “Since there was not a lot of Christian at the time of Maddie’s disappearance, he could not have buried a body there.Clarified Walters. The suspect’s attorney, Frederick Fulscher, has denied the allegations, saying his client had nothing to do with the crime. Despite the new clues, the case has been classified as missing by British police.

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