July 4, 2022

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Man sentenced to four months in jail for slapping Macron in face The world

Damien Thorrell, a French player who admitted in court that he was hit in the face. President Emmanuel Macron two days ago, Sentenced to four months in prison under a closed regime on Thursday (10). At the end of 48 hours of custody, he appeared in Valencia Court (Southeast) for an immediate hearing. “This sentence punishes the company with unbearable contempt,” said attorney Alex Berrin.

The room was “completely unacceptable”, a “deliberate act of violence”, a representative of the Ministry of Public Valence said in front of the 28-year-old. Perrin has applied for an arrest warrant against Damien Tharal, which is concerned about the risk of recurrence.

Macron was attacked while traveling south of France on June 8, 2021 – Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

“This decision will be observed and investigated” and “will have an impact on the international media as well,” the lawyer told a dozen journalists who were following the case in court.

The MP’s representative says he noticed “A kind of cold stability” in the occupier’s pose, Has no experience with the police, but is a member of associations Martial arts instructors, fans of middle-aged rituals and fans of comics manga of Japanese descent.

Darrell was immediately transferred to a prison in the area. In addition to imprisonment, the court suspended his civil rights for three years, which would prevent him from voting during this period. He has been banned from public elections for life and will not be allowed to hold a firearm for the next five years. The judge also ordered him to undergo psychological counseling.

Although the president reconsidered the gesture this Thursday, the slap in the face given to Macron provoked anger among French politicians of all tendencies.

Damien Thorrell, who attacked French President Emmanuel Macron in an outdated photo – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In an interview with the PFMTV channel shortly before sentencing, Macron denounced the “isolated incident” as an “impossible” act, as he qualified just hours after the attack on Tuesday (8). However, the head of state highlighted that this kind of violence and the hatred that is being spread on social networks today cannot be “trivialized”.

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