December 7, 2022

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Man survives by being bitten by a shark and kicking an animal

American Jared Traynor (31), who was surfing at Centerville Beach in Humboldt County, Northern California, USA, survived a shark attack yesterday. According to The Times-Standard newspaper, the surfer managed to escape after kicking the animal in the head.

According to the Daily Mail, when the shark bit Jared’s board, it struck him in the right leg, seriously injuring him. He was alone at the time of the attack.

According to British press, after the bite, the trainer was dragged underwater by the shark, which began to ‘chew’ his right leg. The boy told local media that he grabbed the shark’s body with one hand, kicked with his leg and freed himself until the animal swam away from him.

The shark bite hit the surfer on the right leg and thigh. According to the Times-Standard, the wounds are 19 inches (roughly 48 cm) long — as long as the jaws of a great white shark — and must be closed with staples.

The coach miraculously made it to the beach, where he called for help on a fellow surfer’s cell phone.

Haley Martino, the coach’s sister, created a “kitty” to help raise money for her brother’s medical expenses. “He suffered several injuries to the thigh, but is lucky to be alive,” he wrote.

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