July 4, 2022

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Miami Area Building Decline: Known and Needed | The world

Search operations in the ruins A collapsed building in the Miami area, To us United States, Will continue this Friday (25). Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has declared a state of emergency, meaning the state will have access to federal funds for the recovery.

Video: Building collapses on Miami Beach
Video: Building collapses on Miami Beach

Video: Building collapses on Miami Beach

See below for what is known and what should be known about the collapse in the Miami area

Google Street View photo before the crash on the facade of a collapsed building on Miami Beach, USA – Photo: Google Street View

Oh 12 storey building Is part of the campus Sampline Towers, Surface – One of the most popular small towns around Miami, close to its sea. The fallen block faced the ocean.

According to the “Miami Herald” newspaper, the building was built in 1981 and completed in 1991. Fallen unit, south tower, It had precisely the highest number of apartments: 136 were.

Building collapses on June 24, 2021 in the Surface area of ​​Miami, Florida, USA – Photo: Wilfred Lee / AB

The landslide occurred at 1:30 p.m. Thursday (24) (local time, 2:30 am in Brasilia). According to witnesses, most of the residents were asleep.

Pictures taken by nearby cameras showed the building collapsing quickly. First, one part of the building collapsed and another part was dragged down. In the distance a large column of smoke is seen.

Video: Check out the exact moment of the collapse in Miami
Video: Check out the exact moment of the collapse in Miami

Video: Check out the exact moment of the collapse in Miami

After the landslide, 37 people were rescued from this structure. Only two people were in the rubble at that first moment. According to officials, 10 people were injured – 4 of them in need of hospitalization. One died.

However, rescue teams recorded at least 99 people who could not be found. So 10 to 12 rescue teams each came together through the rubble with the help of dogs and equipment.

Argentine surgeon Andres Calfroscoli, who went missing after a landslide in the Miami region, in Photo 2018 – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

According to the Associated Press Agency, 22 South American nationals are missing, citing sources in the governments of the countries – nine Argentina, Six Paraguay, Four Venezuela And three Uruguay.

One of the missing from Argentina The family of a famous plastic surgeon Andres Kalprascoli. Friends told the “Claren” newspaper that she was with her husband and 6-year-old daughter.

Missing Sophia Lopez Morera, Brother-in-law of the President of Paraguay, Mario Apto. She is the sister of Sylvana Lopez Morera, the first woman from Paraguay. In addition to Sofia, her husband, Louise Betten, and four others are missing – including the couple’s three children, minors.

As a result of the incident, President Mario Abdo canceled his schedule on Wednesday, the newspaper “ABC Color” reported.

Aerial view of a 12-story building on the Miami Beach that collapsed this Thursday (24) – Photo: Amy Beth Bennett / via South Florida Sun-Sentinel AP

There are still no traces of what caused the building to collapse. According to Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, engineers and other experts are looking for any clues as to the cause of the crash.

“You won’t get those answers right now,” Desantis told local media.

According to the “Miami Herald” newspaper, the building is 40 years old – A milestone that requires a study under the laws of the Miami area. It is not yet known whether the condominium underwent this procedure or was repaired. Local officials said they would release new information about the building documents “soon”.

Video: Boy rescued from building rubble on Miami Beach
Video: Boy rescued from building rubble on Miami Beach

Video: Boy rescued from building rubble on Miami Beach

  • Exact number of injured and dead

The higher the number of missing, the higher it may be, Florida officials fear many people have died in the crash. For now, searches are focused on finding survivors trapped under the rubble.

The number of missing is also not covered: Miami-Date Police – the name given to the name that is equivalent to the Miami metropolitan area – calculated the total to be 99, but admitted that these data are not very accurate.

  • Among the missing are Brazilians

The Foreign Ministry has not confirmed whether there are any missing Brazilians Or, if so, how many there are. Oh G1 For more information contact the Consulate General in Itamarati and Miami, but did not receive a reply until this text was last updated.

  • Period of recovery missions

Debris Rescuers Combat from a Collided Building on a Surface in Miami this Thursday (24) – Photo: Lynn Slotky / AB Photo

Considering the size of the building and the number of people missing, Surface Mayor Charles Burkett said Searches take time to complete.

“It’s one that will last until next week.”

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