July 5, 2022

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More than 100 killed in Burkina Faso attack | The world

At least 100 civilians were killed in northern Solhan Burkina Faso, Friday night (4) to this Saturday morning (5). According to security and local sources, this is the bloodiest attack on the country since the start of intense Islamic violence in 2015.

“At night, armed men carried out a deadly incursion into Solhan in Yaga province. The rest are still temporary, with hundreds of dead, men and women of all ages,” a security source told AFP.

The attack and the balance of the victims were confirmed by the government.

According to a local source, the attack first targeted the Homeland Security Volunteers (VDP) post and provided public support for the military, and “the occupiers then went to the homes of the hanged residents.”

“Apart from the large number of people, the worst we have ever recorded, houses and markets (in Solhan) were set on fire,” another security source reported, adding that “equilibrium, more temporary, will increase”.

A security service official declared, “Men have been assigned to carry out search operations, retrieve bodies and bury victims.”

This 72-hour national mourning period from Saturday to Monday (7) was ordered by authorities.

Solhan, a small town about 15 kilometers from Seba, the capital of Yaga province, near the border with Mali, has seen a number of attacks in recent years.

On May 14, Defense Minister Sheriff Psy and members of the military ranks visited Seba and assured that the situation had returned to normal after several military operations.

The attacks come a week after two acts of violence in the same area, in which four people, including two VDP members, were killed.

On May 17 and 18, 15 residents and a soldier were killed in two attacks on a village and patrol in the northeast of the country, the regional governor said.

Since May 5, the armed forces have launched a full-scale operation in the northern and Sahel regions in the face of increasing Islamic terrorist violence.

Despite announcing numerous measures of this kind, the security forces have been struggling to control the cycle of violence, which has killed more than 1,400 people since 2015 and left more than a million homeless.