December 7, 2022

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More than a month after the presidential election, Castillo announced that he had been elected President of Peru The world

Left-wing Point Pedro Castillo Peruvian was finally declared the winner of the presidential election this Monday (19), so, The President is elected Do Peru.

The National Electoral Arbitration Council, responsible for the country’s electoral process, officially declared the victory of the Peruvian Freedom Party candidate over the right. Keiko Fujimori More than a month into the second round. The inauguration is scheduled for July 28.

Keiko said only this Monday, just hours before the results were announced, that it was Recognize the opponent’s victory, But kept his tone harsh: “Our defense of democracy does not end with Castillo’s illegal declaration.”, Reviewed.

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In the first round Castillo was a surprise, defeating traditional figures in Peruvian politics in a very confusing election. In the second round, he will face Keiko Fujimori, the heir to Fujimoris, a difficult political current that dominated Peru in the 1990s. The opponent will run for the presidency for the third time in a row.

In the second round of the presidential election in Peru, left-wing Point Castillo and right-wing Keiko Fujimori contested – photo: Ernesto Benewitz / AFP and Gian Moscow / AFP.

However, none of these questions succeeded. There was even a resignation request by one of the members of the Electoral Arbitration Council to try to delay the process, but the vacancy was soon filled and the maneuver was criticized. Protesters from both sides took to the streets in Lima And other parts of the country demand respect for the vote.

Finally, on the afternoon of July 12, the National Arbitration Council concluded by examining all the questions raised by Keiko and his supporters, paving the way for the officialization of Castillo’s victory.

Peru’s presidential candidate Point Pedro Castillo during a press conference before voting in Sucre, Peru. – Photo: REUTERS / Alessandro Cinque

Fort, 51 years old, The first round of presidential elections in Peru came as a big surprise, A country with a majority of voters is deeply disappointed with its traditional politicians.

The elected president was recognized on the national scene in 2017 Almost three months of teacher strike demanding teacher pay rise. During the campaign, he promised to raise public teachers.

Castillo promised at the beginning of the campaign to overthrow the Constitutional Court that the country’s Supreme Court had defended “massive corruption.” He also threatened to shut down Congress if lawmakers did not approve of his plans.

However, during the presidential race, Castillo changed his mind and promised to follow the constitution “while it is in force”, but said he would seek a new Constituent Assembly if elected.

Protesters criticize Keiko Fujimori’s attempt to cancel part of Peru’s presidential election during protests in Lima this Saturday (26) – Photo: Sebastian Castaneda / Reuters

As for customs, Castillo takes a very conservative stance: he refuses to legalize abortion, opposes “gender-focused” education and is reluctant to recognize the rights of sexual minorities. After the election, he He declared that he was not a communist – In response to allegations made by Fujimorists.

The new Peruvian president was born in Pune, a small Andean town in the province of Chota, where residents often wear wide-brimmed hats, as Castillo wore during his travels, even during the only presidential debate in the campaign. He was a trade union leader who went to the polls in the Andean region of Cajamarca, where he lives.