July 4, 2022

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New treatment for goiter gives hope to ill patients – 06/16/2021

Monoclonal antibody therapy, administered intravenously, neutralizes the new corona virus. For every hundred people treated, experts estimate, the procedure will save six lives.

A year after discovering that the cheap steroid Kovit-19 can prevent deaths, researchers say they have discovered another life-saving treatment. But it was expensive.

It is a powerful intravenous infusion of antibodies to neutralize new ones Corona virus, Instead of reducing the body’s inflammatory response to it.

The results of the recovery survey suggest that one in three people hospitalized with Covid-19 can help with this condition.

For every 100 patients treated, experts estimate that the procedure will save six lives.

Innovative treatment

However, experts warn that only those who have not yet developed their own antibodies to fight the virus should seek treatment, which can cost between பவு 1,000 (PRL 7,100) and பவு 2,000 (PRL 14,200).

Kimberly Featherstone, 37, received a new treatment during her research. “When I was taken to the hospital with Covit-19 this study continued and I think I was very lucky to be able to get this innovative treatment. By participating, I’m glad I had a part in finding this treatment successfully,” he said. Is it over?

Monoclonal antibody therapy binds to the virus and prevents it from infecting cells. In a study of about 10,000 UK hospital patients, this was significantly lower:

– Risk of death;

– Average length of hospital stay;

– Probability of needing a respirator.

Martin Landre, one of the researchers who led the study, said: “Giving them a combination of these two antibodies by intravenous injection reduces the chance of one-fifth dying.”

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“What we have found is that patients now have a one-third chance of dying without treatment, with antibodies. In this way, we were able to reduce this risk,” he said.

Great uncertainty

This treatment was given in combination with the steroid anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone, which reduces the risk of death by up to one-third in patients with more severe symptoms than Govit-19.

Peter Harpy, another leading researcher, said there was great uncertainty about the correct approach to antibody treatments because other studies that have used this technique have not yielded any benefits.

The use of blood plasma from recovered patients, which contain antibodies to detect and fight the virus, for example, has not been shown to be effective as a treatment against Govit-19.

But there are two specific, laboratory-prepared antibodies in the antibody therapy used in the recovery study that are good for catching the infectious virus.

“Even at an advanced stage of Covit-19, it is surprising to know that fighting the virus can reduce mortality in patients who fail to develop their own antibody response,” Harby said.