July 4, 2022

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Once dominated, Trump is preparing for his next law

WASHINGTON – Former United States President Donald J. Trump travels from his New Jersey golf club to his office in Trump Tower in New York City at least once a week to work, without much attention, both outside and outside of Manhattan.

There was no place for him to leave it. Many of his longtime employees are gone. Most of the family members who worked with him there at one time and his former lawyer, Michael D. Some devices in that space like Cohen Who then turned to him. Mr. Trump works there alone, with two aides and a few physical men.

His political activity has also been reduced to a Rocktock group of former advisers, which is still on his payroll, reminiscent of the bare bones of the characters who helped elevate a political neophyte in 2016 to his success. Most of them go without days or weeks. Communicating directly with Trump.

But when he presides over the North Carolina Republican convention on Saturday night, in the case of the resumption of rallies and speeches, Mr. Trump is notable for being a declining figure and having a great deal to do in American life – and many others are dangerous – hold his party.

Mr. Even without his favorite megaphones and the traps of office, the lie that he won the 2020 election and his own anger over defeat animated the political landscape of Mr. Unlike others, he was able to impose his anger and the preferred version of reality on a significant chunk of the American electorate – for years to influence the country’s politics and weaken confidence in its elections.

Still blocked from Twitter and Facebook, He struggled to find a way to influence the news information since leaving office and to promote the myth that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Some party leaders, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, pretend he is no more. Mr. When Trump is a loser when he can’t be ignored.

People like Florida Senator Rick Scott, Mr. They put forward Trump and tried to get support Awards in praise of his ego And get him involved in helping the Senate Republicans regain a majority in 2022.

Presidential Historian Michael Peshlos, Mr. He said Trump had violated the example of former presidents who lost an election and faded. Richard M., who was treated like a scapegoat by Trump. Nixon’s experience also said. Was able to avoid.

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As for being big and small at the same time, Mr. Peshlos said: “Politicians are afraid of him if the metric is that he is great, it is a metric force in Washington. Many Republican leaders are afraid to look at him and humiliate themselves in front of them. ”

Jason Miller, an adviser to the former president; Admitted control over Trump’s party.

“There are two types of Republicans inside the Beltway,” Mr. Miller said. “Those who perceive President Trump are Republican leaders and deniers.”

Even in failure, Mr. Trump is leading in every referendum ever held on the Republican presidential candidate in 2024. Legislators who have challenged the party’s dominance, such as Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney, have called on her colleagues to reject him after the January 6 riots in the Capitol by her supporters. Started from the Republican leadership.

From his eccentric double perch of irrelevance and dominance, Mr. Trump has narrowly focused on three things – his support for trying to counter the false claims and conclusions he has repeatedly made that the 2020 election is “bad”; State and local inquiries into the Trump system’s practices; And the status of his business.

White House officials said he was pleased to see his supporters attack Capitol and disrupt the Jan. 6 election college poll. He hopes Trump will be “re-elected” to the White House this August. According to three people who knew his views well. He echoes a doctrine announced by supporters such as Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell, the chief executive of Mybillo, who have filed a defamation suit against election machine companies for spreading conspiracy theories about the security of their ballots.

President Biden’s victory, which received more than 80 million votes, was certified by Congress shortly after the January 6 riots. There is no legal mechanism to reinstate a president, and Republicans in the Arizona Senate have ridiculed attempts by local Republican officials to reconsider the vote in the state’s largest district, claiming that the result is a discriminatory circus that destroys confidence in the election.

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Nevertheless, Mr. Trump has nullified the Arizona effort and a case in Georgia, and not only will he be reinstated, but those who know him say Republicans will withdraw a majority in the Senate through the same efforts, he says.

He has pressured Conservative commentators and writers. His focus has intensified in recent weeks, with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. involving a special Grand Jury in his business.

Frustrated with the lack of coverage, he has expressed his anger at news releases that still refer to him as “the 45th president of the United States.”

“The next time I’m at the White House, at his request, there will be no more dinner with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife,” he said in a statement Friday. Facebook has announced it will implement the ban against it for at least two years. “It’s all business!”

Last week, He closed his blog According to a person who is well versed in his thinking, after hearing from friends that the site is getting little traffic and makes him look small and irrelevant.

Some of his aides were not interested in engaging in his conspiracy theories with him, and would like to see him push for a perspective agenda that could help Republicans in 2022. Those in his circle are making fun of him, and he continues to consult Christina Bob, the former president’s most senior adviser to the Free World, an extreme right – wing, eternally pro – Trump One America news network reporter, for information about the Arizona election audit.

It remains to be seen what he said about the 2020 election when he appeared in North Carolina.

Mr. to recall the microphone Saturday night in Greenville. Trump was interested in where the country’s top epidemiologist, Dr. Bidney, planned to attack the administration and the Biden administration, aides said.

“Joe Biden wants US taxpayers to pay compensation,” Mr. Trump was expected to say, says an aide involved in preparing the speech. “I want the Chinese to compensate US taxpayers.”

Mr. The post-presidential rally for Trump’s first president is scheduled for the end of June, after which he will have several more appearances, paid by his super PAC, and on behalf of House Republicans who support his agenda, advisers said.

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He was very interested in the audience, via Zambotron, at a rally in New Richmond, Wiss, via Zambotron, where he is charged as a live speaker, where other topics include Diamond and Silk, the social media stars of the Maga movement, and Dinesh D’Souza, Mr. Presidential apology from Trump For a bad punishment for making illegal propaganda contributions.

Despite the modest nature of some of the events in which he was interested in associating his name, even his biggest opponents hate to write about him.

“I believe this is ridiculous,” said Bill Crystal, a leading “never Trump” conservative. “Failing to see how strong he was did not see the forest through the trees.”

His 2020 campaign managers, both Bill Stephen and Brad Barscale, are Mr. Are on Trump’s paycheck and are still involved in his world. But Mr. Trump is angry with most members of his team in the episode.

During this time, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who oversaw his 2020 campaign, has largely left, saying he would like to focus on writing his book and building a simple relationship with a small circle of advisers around the former president. Mr. With Trump, he is only a nephew. Donald Trump Jr. entered his father’s life as the most politically involved family member.

Susie Wiles, a former Florida political adviser, said the former president and everyone in his orbit had won the state by a landslide in 2016 and 2020. Trump oversees fundraising from Florida and oversees the Skeleton Committee’s weekly conference call. It still drives the post-presidential move.

In the evening, Mr. Trump attended fundraisers at his Bedminster, NJ, golf course for his own political action group and Republican candidates.

But he is keen to hold rallies, announcing the states where he plans to travel before his team finalizes any venues or dates.

“If you were a one-time president, you would usually go into a quiet night,” said Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley. “He sees himself leading the revolution. He does it from the back of a golf cart.”