July 4, 2022

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One of the largest diamonds in the world discovered in Botswana | The world

Chairman Botswana, Mokvitsi Massachusetts and Tepswana company to extract precious stones in the country Discovered the world’s third largest diamond with 1,098 carats.

It is 7.3 cm long, 5.2 cm wide and 2.7 cm thick and has not yet received a name.

The stone was found in the Zweneng mine on June 1 and was on display for the press on Wednesday (16) in the capital, Gaborone.

The 1,098 carat diamond found in Botswana is considered to be the 3rd highest quality stone ever cut in the world – Photo: Tepswana Diamond Company via Reuters

The largest known diamond in the world is “Cullinan”, over 3,100 carats, discovered in 1905 in South Africa.

The second largest, 1,109 carats, was discovered in 2015 At the Karov Mine in northeastern Botswana, it is the largest diamond producer in Africa.

“This is the largest diamond discovered by Tepswana in more than 50 years of operational history,” said Lynette Armstrong, Managing Director of Tepswana Diamond, when she presented the stone to the President.

Tepswana is a government-owned company in Botswana and de Pierce, owned by the Anglo-American Mining Company.

Lefoko Mogi, the country’s mineral minister, said the discovery of the stone could not have happened at a better time., Because the Govt-19 epidemic hit diamond sales in 2020.

The company’s production fell 29% last year (16.6 million carats) and sales fell 30% ($ 2.1 billion), affecting both production and demand.

This year, Tepswana plans to increase its production by 38% (up to 23 million carats, pre-epidemic level). The global diamond market is recovering as travel restrictions ease and jewelry stores reopen.

The Botswana government receives up to 80% of Tepswana’s sales revenue through dividends, royalties and taxes.

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