December 7, 2022

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One was killed after being placed in the same cell as the victim’s brother | Brazil

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Shane Goldsby and Robert Munger

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A man named Shane Goldsby was arrested and placed in the same room as the perpetrator who sexually abused his sister. The man, who is already in prison, was serving a sentence for child abuse, raping a girl and possession of substance containing pedophilia.

When he identifies the culprit who attacked his sister, Shane beats him to death for revenge. The brother will be sentenced this Tuesday, after the 10th.

“I was shocked. ‘What the hell?’ It’s like that. It’s not. You’ve talking about the same company, the same unit, the same pavilion and the same cell of this person.

However, the meeting was not accidental and was reportedly arranged by jailors at the Airway Heights Correctional Center. However, after an investigation by Washington police, it was confirmed that the agents had no involvement in the situation.

According to the plaintiffs, the rapist, Robert Munger, “must have been taken into custody 14 times (at least four times on his head) in Goldsby’s face and head, and a few more times (kicked) by prison guards before he was withdrawn.”

Shane Goldsby was released for several years and spent many years in prison. The reason he was taken to the Airway Heights correctional facility was that Goldsby attacked at least 20 correctional officers, which led to his transfer from various prisons, and in June 2020, he was placed in the same cell as Munger.