December 7, 2022

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Operation Acolhita welcomes nearly 85,000 Venezuelans to Brazil

Through Operation Acolhita, nearly 85,000 Venezuelans have already been displaced to cities. Brazil. The federal government’s initiative welcomes citizens to escape the poverty created by socialist-led dictatorships. Nicolás Maduro In a neighboring country.

The group was transferred to about 900 municipalities in the country. In 2022 alone, Operation Acolhita displaced around 18,000 Venezuelans.

In total, approximately 90% traveled to Brazil as family groups. The rest reached the border alone. Most of the refugees settled in southern states.

The most conspicuous population is Santa Catarina (16 thousand). Parana seems to have the second highest number: 14.6 thousand. Rio Grande do Sul, in third place, welcomes almost 13,000 inhabitants.

Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, ranks first in Obarazo Acolhita among the cities receiving Venezuela: 5,500. Manas (AM) is second: 5.3 thousand.

The strategy of Operation Acolhita aims to provide emergency assistance to Venezuelan refugees and migrants entering Brazil through the border of Roraima. In this way, the Brazilian government organizes visits, regularization of migration, immunization against diseases and social and economic inclusion. This measure includes support in the search for employment and housing.

According to United Nations estimates, more than 5 million people have been forced to leave Venezuela in recent years in search of better living conditions. Brazil is one of the five most searched destinations by citizens of neighboring countries.

Poverty in Venezuela

Currently, 94.5% of the Venezuelan population lives below the poverty line. Inflation was nearly 3,000% in 2020 and less than 700% in 2021. Inflation forecasted in 2022 is 114% per annum. Minimum wage is U$S 39 (including food allowance U$S 10). There is a shortage of supermarkets, and the world’s major multinationals have left the territory due to legal and social insecurity.

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Last year, Venezuelans lost an average of 10 kg of weight due to hunger – there are testimonies of citizens who ate animals from zoos and dogs from the streets.

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