December 7, 2022

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Political Scientist Says ‘Jefferson’s Action Was a Planned Conspiracy Against Democracy’; Read the analysis

The former sub is the full action Roberto Jeffersonfrom Nazi statements against minister Carmen Lucia, even his reaction to the arrest appears to have been a planned move to focus the campaign on the STF last week ahead of the second round. By claiming to be the victim of censorship and, according to him, an illegal investigation, he is attacking democracy, trying to create a narrative contrary to the broad front used by the campaign. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintensifying attacks against the Supreme Court has been circulating with great vocab in Bolsonaro Telegram groups for days. However, Jefferson was too hasty and failed to execute the plan. By firing guns and grenades at federal police, the former vice president created a crisis that turned the tide, drawing attention today, not the courts.

On Sunday, onlookers and supporters joined police around Roberto Jefferson’s home. Photo: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

It changed the plans of the radical Bolsonaros and left Jair Bolsonaro Totally lost. The president’s statement that there are no pictures of him with Jefferson is proof of that. As a candidate for re-election, he does not know how to position himself now. At the same time that he says he is not involved, he sends his justice minister to intervene – something that has never been done before, even with former presidents Lula and prison. Michael Temer.

Also, the law undermines his re-election campaign. Bolsonaro has already lost several hours of his election campaign because of the TSE’s decision, and now he must use the remaining time to try to explain that he had nothing to do with the former vice-coup.

But despite the issue of execution, one cannot be fooled: Jefferson’s action was not simple resistance to arrest. Rather, it was an anti-constitutional reaction against one of the nation’s institutions, the judiciary. It has a name, It is called sati. One of Bolsonaro’s key allies committed an anti-democratic crime with the approval of the Bolsonaristas.

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The next few hours will be hot. Fueled by government-issued weapons and hate speech, violence can escalate as many prefer to act like lone wolves. On the other hand, the Supreme must react and the climate will intensify. Instead of a diagonal court, the Bolsonaroistas will have to face a heavily weighted STF, a fake news process involving the president’s son who could quit at any moment.

It’s time to see how society will react. What is at stake is the democratic order. If we hesitate now, if we do not react strongly to this attempted coup by Roberto Jefferson, the democratic order will be destroyed.

Fernando Luis Abruzio holds a PhD in Political Science from USP, is Professor at FGV – EAESP and Coordinator of the Academic Area at the Center for Studies in Public Administration and Government (Ceapg).

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