December 7, 2022

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Pope in Angels: Humility is the secret to heaven

Francis said in his speech on the day of his sermon, “Mary, in her small stature, conquers heaven first. The secret of her success lies precisely in recognizing herself as small and needy.” With God, only those who recognize themselves as nothing can receive everything.

Sylvony Jose – Vatican News

“In this Sunday’s Gospel, Magnificat stands alone in the uniqueness of the Blessed Virgin Mary entering heaven. This hymn is like a photograph of” Mother of God. Mary ‘rejoices in God because she saw the humility of her servant. Humility is Mary’s secret. Only burial in the eyes of God fell upon her. ”These are the words of Pope Francis before Angeles about the uniqueness of the Blessed Virgin Mary spoken from the window of his office in the presence of the faithful at the Vatican Apostolic Palace. Pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square. “The human eye – the Pope continued – seeks majesty and is fascinated by the attractive. On the other hand, God humbly rejoices in seeing the heart without seeing the appearance.

The word “humility” comes from the Latin humus, which means ‘earth’, the Pope said. This is paradoxical: to reach the pinnacle, to heaven, you must be as low as earth! Jesus teaches: “He who is humble will exalt himself. God exalts us not for our gifts, our riches and abilities, but for our humility. God exalts those who humble themselves and serve. Servant of the Lord “. She said nothing more about herself, she was no longer looking for anything for herself.

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So today – Francis stressed – we can ask ourselves: How do I live humbly? Am I being recognized by others, reassuring and appreciative of myself, or am I thinking about serving? Do I need to hear like Maria or do I need to talk to get attention? Do I know how to be as quiet as Maria or am I always talking? Do I know how to avoid retreats, fights and arguments, or am I trying to stand alone?

Pope Francis – Angels

“Conquer the sky first”

Mary, in her small character, conquers heaven first. “The secret of her success lies precisely in recognizing herself as small and in need,” Pope Francis underlined. With God, only those who recognize themselves as nothing can receive everything. Only those who empty themselves are filled by Him. And Mary is precisely “gracious” by her humility. For us, humility is the starting point of our faith. Being poor in spirit is essential, i.e. God’s need. He who is full of himself will not allow God, but he who is humble will allow the Lord to do great things. Poet Dante calls the Virgin Mary “humble and above life.”

Pope Francis then said that the most humble and tall creature in history, first conquering heaven with himself, body and soul, it is good to think that he spent most of his life within the walls of his house in everyday life. . Graceful days are not so impressive. They were mostly identical and quiet: outwardly, nothing unusual. But God’s vision was always upon her, her humility, her availability, appreciated for the beauty of her heart, not touched by sin. This is a great message of hope for us; For those of you who live in the same day, tired and often hard.

Faith in St. Peter's Square - Angels

Faith in St. Peter’s Square – Angels

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Today we celebrate with the love of children

Mary reminds us today that God calls you to this destiny of glory – the Pope continued. “These are not beautiful words, they are true. It is not a cleverly designed happy ending, a sacred illusion or a false consolation. No, it is pure truth, living truth.

In St. Peter’s Square the Pope then called for a faithful gift: Let’s celebrate her today with the love of children animated in the hope that one day he will be in heaven with her!

Francisco then asked everyone to pray for our lady to come with us on the way from earth to heaven. He asked our lady to remind us that the secret of the path lies in the word burial. That little character and service are the secrets to achieving the goal. ”

Angels August 15, 2021