December 7, 2022

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Putin warns of martial law in Russia over aggression – 10/19/2022 – World

Eight months after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia sees the war that started within its borders reach once and for all. Many parts of the country, including the capital Moscow, were placed on high alert, and four parts of the neighboring country were annexed under martial law.

This decision was announced on Wednesday (19). By President Vladimir Putin In a meeting with its Security Council, it was televised. It’s a tacit acknowledgment that the situation is getting out of hand, and it’s the first time in a conflict.

In the central federal districts where Moscow is located, as well as in the south, authorities can carry out operations in support of civil defense and armed forces. Police and restrictions on movement of people may increase, but Moscow Mayor Sergei SobyaninThat said, nothing will change the momentum of the city.

A group led by By Premier Michael Michustin Additional steps should be described. In the eight areas immediately bordering Ukraine, the so-called medium-level response will allow immediate strengthening of security of order, a special regime of transport and communications, control of population movement and entry/exit and resettlement. Population in areas at risk.

The highest level occurs in occupied Ukraine. Martial law Two self-declared republics Donbass, Luhansk and Donetsk (Leste), and in the Kherson and Zaporíjia (southern) administrative regions implied full control of civilian life and the possibility of more severe military operations.

“We are working to solve large-scale, highly complex tasks to ensure a reliable future for Russia and our people,” the president said.

In practice, the state of emergency has already begun in Kherson, which, according to the new Russian military commander of the invasion, Sergei Churovikhin, is under imminent threat of an attack from Kiev. The local government has pegged it at 50,000 to 60,000 people To be evacuated from the regional capital and its environs to areas further south, physically protected by the Dnieper River, which separates it from the rest of the region in a strip to the northwest.

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“The whole government is changing today,” Vladimir Zalto, the site’s pro-Kremlin administrator, told Russia 1 state TV. [quarta]”To the left bank of the Dnieper.

The move adds complexity to the current phase of the invasion, which began on February 24. Two self-proclaimed republics of Kherson, neighboring Zaporozhye and Donbass After the referendums were annexed by Putin It was hurriedly done by the local authorities in September.

At the same time, The Kremlin was unpopular Mobilization 222,000 reservists, in Putin’s words, to stabilize the fronts. According to the president and his advisers, the new territory “will always be Russian.” Protected by nuclear weapons if necessary. It created great alarm in the West.

There are fears that the Russians could use low-yield tactical nuclear weapons to stop troop movements and intimidate Ukrainians. It doesn’t seem to make much sense militarily, many would be necessary, raising the risk of contamination and politically the Kremlin would Risk of World War III with NATO (US-led military alliance).

In this way, to buy time, that seems threatening. Since last week, the dynamics of the conflict have changed. In 2014, using an attack that led to Kiev’s attack on a bridge linking Crimea with Russia’s Krasnodar region, Putin ordered an attack on Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The decision, according to President Volodymir Zelensky, 30% of the country’s power distribution centers were destroyed, and 1,000 towns and cities were left without power or water – the system needs electricity to function. Attacks by Iranian missiles and kamikaze drones continued on Wednesday.

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Now, Russia’s so-called new borders are under martial law. The move to Kherson is particularly symbolic because of the eponymous capital of the region The first major Ukrainian city to fall into Russian handsAt the beginning of the war.

But its position was exposed to two Ukrainian fronts and key bridges across the Dnieper River were destroyed by American artillery directed by Kiev, making it virtually defenseless. Keeping a good portion of its 300,000 people there kept Kiev from taking too much action.

Evacuation, if effective, could lead to either surrendering the city or turning it into a bombing inferno – a nuclear option at this point, too remote. Although both NATO and Russia are in the midst of maneuvers simulating nuclear attacks. However, a humanitarian crisis is immediately warranted. In fact, the Zelenskyi government described the move as “a propaganda show.”

Actions on recognized Russian soil will have an even more uncertain effect on the morale of the population. Putin’s approval rating has already begun to fall — and is still at stratospheric levels — with the mobilization expected to end next week. For example, in Moscow, it is already closed.

One is correct: War had already entered little by little into Russian daily life, with Western sanctions and then mobilization. According to two political analysts interviewed by the report, everything points to a preparation on the part of the Kremlin. We need to get the people to accept the return of a part of Gerson And even worse news for Putin, who lost already-occupied territories in Kharkiv (northeast) in September.

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