July 5, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II welcomes Joe Biden and the First Lady at Windsor Castle | The world

The Queen visited Windsor Castle when the epidemic broke out in the UK in May 2020 and welcomed the Biden family with a floral dress and pink hat. The President was received by an Honorary Guard from the Battalion of Government Forces and members of the State Corps who played in US military parades.

The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. Biden and the First Lady left for England for Brussels, the next leg of their eight-day European tour.

Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth II hold the 1st meeting

Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth II hold the 1st meeting

Elizabeth II, who is already fully immune against Govt-19, has held almost all of her meetings, including interrogations with foreign ambassadors.

On Friday, the heiress to the throne and her son Charles hosted a reception for participating leaders along with other members of the royal family in the Cornwall region. G7 Summit, Of them, Joe Biden.

This is one of his first public appearances Funeral of her husband Prince Philip in April, And his most important commitment since the commencement of the Parliamentary session in London on 11 May.

During her 69-year reign, the 95-year-old British Queen Lyndon b. Met with all American presidents except Johnson (1963-1969).

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