December 7, 2022

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Read and understand what a “quiet exit” is

Recently, the technique A quiet exit went viral on social media, and the word created a huge debate about it. People increasingly saw the practice as a questionable trend among Gen Z and millennials, mainly through TikTok. This is a technique known to be anti-overkill Work.

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This term refers to the universe of the labor market and is currently increasing because it focuses on the relationships between employees, organizations and people’s mental health. By combining all these factors, it is possible to understand why this topic has a high rate in social networks, since the current market is not perfect and one of the most talked about topics nowadays is people’s mental health.

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The English translation of this word is “peaceful resignation”. It is a technique that teaches the employee to do only what is necessary to accomplish his job and meet demands. In addition, it also determines that highly exhausting activities such as working outside and doing lots of overtime, including calls and emails, are unhealthy for the individual and can have a negative impact on many areas of the employee’s life.

In short, it is a technique that defends the idea that it is necessary to establish limits between the employee’s work and personal life, where he must fulfill the duties of being at work, but not more or less than agreed.

What is she looking for?

This technique guarantees a healthy professional environment for workers, where there is no excessive activity, which can cause many damages to the mental health of employees, such as burnout syndrome, severe stress and physical and mental fatigue. It thus seeks to ensure that workers do not burn out and balance their social and work lives so that they can reap the benefits of both.

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However, although the majority support this technique and accept it, there are those who criticize it, because they believe that this idea of ​​doing only what is agreed upon is like looking for their resignation.