December 7, 2022

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Release # 501: Mobile Spy – Pegasus Case | Subject

News, photos, emails, location. Capable of recording and transmitting any and all content of the device – an extension of the human body captured by software. The user will not doubt anything. Revelation made by the Federation of Press Vehicles that countries want Mexico, Saudi Arabia e Hungary The alleged purchase of the product, which was developed by the Israeli company NSO to track business and political goals, provoked a general warning. “The Pegasus is more of a weapon of war than a piece of software,” explains Professor Sergio Amade, Former president of the National Institute of Information Technology. By using it, governments “operate in the shadows, away from their intelligence structures,” in a market “where the boundaries between law and law are blurred”. He defends a multifaceted regulatory effort and, immediately, bans the use of this type of tool. From New York, Globo’s correspondent, Ismar Madera, reports on the reactions and victims of the countries that are attracting attention – including activists, human rights lawyers, journalists and even government leaders such as the French president. Emmanuel Macron.

What you need to know:

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