December 7, 2022

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“Russia has already failed”. A former Zelensky adviser says the mobilization of reservationists is a sign of desperation

“Russia has already failed to fulfill its goals: to gain Ukraine’s independence, kill the president, install a puppet regime, capture Kiev and make Ukraine a Russian bay,” Ilya Mendel, 35, a secretary, told LUSA. Zelensky between 2019 and 2021.

“In one fell swoop, [o Presidente russo, Vladimir] Putin thought that since Ukraine was the largest independent territory in the post-Soviet region, he would take over a country that had no meaning, and if anyone came to Kiev, they would understand that we were never welcome in Russia. Russia went to war in the Donbass and annexed Crimea [em 2014] – Therefore, it is an enemy – and therefore cannot obey Russia in any way,” he said.

Mendel, a Kiev resident who hoped Ukraine would win the war, published a book in the US about his experience in the group of “comic actor-turned-statesman and politician-turned-wartime leader”. The Fight of Our Lives — My Time with Zelensky, Ukraine’s Battle for Democracy, What It Means to the World” Free translation, published by OneSignal, endorsed by Simon & Schuster, not yet published in Portugal.

“Yes, I believe that we are going to win this war – I have to believe that we are going to win this war, because I believe in my country, I always believe in my country. We have no alternative, this is a battle for our existence. We must stop it and fight this brutal invasion. “The world cannot be unfair – justice and freedom must prevail, we must believe that,” he said.

Regarding the counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces that have already recaptured vast swaths of territory from the Russian army, Zelensky’s former adviser said categorically: “All Ukrainians believe that this counteroffensive will bring results; We really believe in our army and our volunteers, we believe they can bring peace to Ukraine and begin to restore our territories and bring our people back.

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“1.2 million Ukrainians are still under occupation [russa], which is a terrible thing. So, on the one hand, we celebrate the counteroffensive, but on the other hand, when we see those mass graves,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and the bodies that the Russians tortured and killed – murdered – our hearts bleed. , families…”, noted

“It’s a horrible experience and it’s very scary to feel what we’re finding out [nos territórios recuperados]”This will happen in territories still under Russian occupation,” he added.

As for Putin’s announcement of a partial deployment of reservists — about 300,000, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu — Ilya Mendel called it a desperate move.

“Putin’s announcement of a partial demobilization is actually a sign of desperation, because he understands that he has achieved everything possible with the number of troops he has been preparing for ten months, and it is not enough – of course he is afraid. He is going to mobilize people from the occupied territories and send Ukrainians to fight with Ukrainians. Let’s see how it goes. …”, he commented.

On the other hand, he stressed, this announcement to mobilize the marginalized was interpreted by Zelensky’s former spokesman in Russia as “a positive sign.”

“One positive sign is that we see a part of Russians rebelling and demonstrating in the streets against mobilization. Of course it is a bit cynical to agree to kill Ukrainians but not to be sent to the front line and killed is a sign of hope, the decisions of this dictator who has been in power for 23 years. Cracks are opening in his regime, it is It gives some kind of hope”, he asserted.

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“It’s bloody, he’s sending more people there, this war is going to be bloody,” he added, adding at a time when he had already set fire to several recruitment posts with Molotov, which would spark further protests from the Russian population. After announcing the mobilization of the cocktail’ reserves, Russian security forces will continue to arrest more than a thousand protesters in about 40 cities of the country.

A former adviser to Zelensky said he “doesn’t know what to think about Putin actually starting a third” about Putin’s speech on Wednesday, in which he made a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons and “it’s not stupid.” World War.”

“I think the world is trying to do everything not to repeat this kind of past experience (the use of nuclear weapons), but in fact, there are already some parallels with World War II, such as genocidal practices and artificially created crisis. Famine… That’s why Ukraine is fighting for our lives and It calls on the world to increase its aid, citing war, sanctions, resources, weapons, training, humanitarian and refugee assistance”.

Yulia Mendel concludes her book with “special thanks to all those who understood that Ukraine is not a country of the past.”

“We are the future. We broke the shackles of the post-Soviet space and became the territory of freedom. Now, everyone knows,” he wrote.