July 5, 2022

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Russia launches warning shots on British ship in the Black Sea | The world

A Russian plane and ship fired warning shots at a Russian warship. UK It entered the regional waters Russia In the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday (23). The British government denies that the incident took place.

Unusual in the region, the maneuvers are scheduled to take place from June 28 to July 10, with the United States, other NATO nations and Ukraine taking part in the Black Sea. Russia is skeptical about these military exercises.

“The destroyer (warship) received a warning, which did not respond to the warning,” the ministry was quoted as saying by Russian agencies, prompting “border patrol boat” and a Su-24M aircraft to shoot “warning shots”.

As a result, the British ship left Russian waters and put an end to the incident. This lasted about twenty minutes until noon on Wednesday, According to the same source.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced shortly after the army was called in from the British embassy in Moscow, Russian agencies reported.

However, according to a tweet from the British Ministry of Defense, the British Army said no warning had been issued against the “HMS Defender” in “Ukrainian territorial waters”.

The incident took place in March 2014 off the coast of Crimea on the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia.

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