July 5, 2022

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Russian sailors rescue dog trapped in Arctic ice; watch | The world

In the Arctic a dog was run away from home by Russian troops and lost in the ice. The rescue was recorded by a drone (see above).

Icecreeker Alexander Sunnykov and his team spotted the animal near the Arctic Gates terminal. She may have been injured by the movement of ships at that place and the sailors decided to rescue her immediately.

To make matters worse, the dog had no way to go ashore alone because the snow had already begun to float and there were many cracks on its surface. If he stayed there, she would surely die.

The crew extended what was called a ritual ladder so the animal could climb aboard. Later, they discovered that an elderly Ica owner had been searching for her for more than a week.

“We explored all the possibilities of how to get the animal out of the snow, and it was placed on a ceremonial ladder. Later, we used our correspondents to communicate with the locals, and after a few hours he found his safe return to the village safely,” Said.

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