July 4, 2022

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Siberia: Residents of missing plane found alive – News

Rescue workers found 18 people alive AN-28 plane that went missing a few hours before radar in Siberia Then it is located after an emergency landing, this Friday (16) announced to the Russian airline Rosaviyatsia.

“Fifteen passengers and three crew members were found.

The plane, operated by Aviao Expressa Siberiana (Chilaw), was flying between the small town of Ketrovi and Tomsk when it “stopped communications” at 17 hours (7:00 am in Brasilia), regional officials said.

Immediately, several MI-8 helicopters attempted to locate the AN-28. About two hours after the alarm went off, the plane was “severely damaged,” Interfox said.

“All passengers and crew are alive,” some spokesmen told Interfax. The video below shows where the plane came from.

Citing flight sources, the government said the DOS plane was in a state of disrepair with maintenance, but some officials said the flight was delayed by more than ten hours due to bad weather.

The crash happened a week after the Antonov flight. On the 6th, an AN-26 crashed while trying to land on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia, killing all 28 people on board.

Mainly manufactured during the Soviet era, Antonovs continues to be used in civil and military aviation in the countries of the former Soviet Union and has been involved in a number of dangerous accidents in recent years.

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