December 7, 2022

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Taliban search for Bibles on cell phones, verify Christian identity by killing

The Taliban identify Christians Scripture Christian TV reported killing them on cell phones and on the streets of Afghanistan SAT-7. Terrorist militants go from house to house, dragging people off public transport and hanging believers who refuse to give up their faith. Hope.

The information was sent through the website Religious News, Highlighted the report of Dr. Rex Rogers, President of North America SAT-7 and claiming to receive information from country sources.

“We hear from reliable sources that the Taliban are demanding the phones of the people. If they download a Bible on their device, they will kill it immediately,” Rogers said. It is incredibly dangerous for Afghans to have a Christian on their phones. The Taliban have spies and informants everywhere.

The withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan left a void and allowed the terrorist group to regain control of vast areas, much less or less than expected by political and military leaders.

“Because it is so dangerous to seek the company of other Christians, many Afghan believers are completely alone and no other Christian can speak,” Rogers said. “Our local director told me:‘ Most people didn’t dare attend Church Domestic. They look at us alone, scared. We are their last attempt, ”he said.

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