September 28, 2022

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The 1988 murder came to light after an investigation into a letter sent 32 years earlier

The 1988 murder of a 26-year-old mother in Pennsylvania, USA, was finally solved by DNA evidence found in a letter sent to a local newspaper decades earlier describing the crime.

Anna Kane was 26 years old when her body was strangled to death on October 23, 1988, on Ondelaunee Trail in Perry Township. The case was dropped, but reopened following new evidence.

Nearly 35 years after Anna’s death, the killer has been identified as Scott Grimm, thanks to DNA genetics technology, Pennsylvania State Police and Berks County District Attorney John Adams announced during a press conference.

After the 1988 murder, DNA evidence was collected from Kane’s clothing. When they were tested, they developed a male DNA profile, but no matches were found.

In 1990, the Reading Eagle newspaper ran a cover story about Kane’s murder, asking for information on the case.

In February of that year, the newspaper received an anonymous letter signed by a “concerned citizen” that contained “many intimate details” about the murder, state trooper Daniel Womer told NBC.

“This led investigators to believe that the letter’s writers were responsible for the murder,” Womer said.

The saliva-sealed envelope in which the letter was sent was subjected to DNA testing. The code found matched the DNA profile found on Kane’s clothing.

Genetic testing of that profile was completed this year by Parabon NanoLabs in Virginia — and has helped solve several cold cases, the network has learned.

The results determined that 58-year-old Scott Grimm, who died of natural causes in 2018, was a suspect. Kane was 26 years old when he was killed.

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Womer acknowledged earlier reports that the victim worked as a prostitute and that Grimm may have been a client.