December 7, 2022

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The baby is born in Israel, with a twin fetus in the womb

Earlier this month a baby was born in Israel with a twin fetus in her womb. This rare event was recorded by the Asuda Medical Center in Ashdod.

Omar Globus, a neonatologist, told the Times of Israel that “we were surprised to find that the swelling in the baby’s abdomen, which was identified by ultrasound before delivery, was caused by his twin sister’s miscarriage.”

He explains that medical cases are rare and occur in approximately one in every 500,000 people registered. After delivery, doctors performed X-ray and ultrasound examinations of the baby’s abdomen.

So they found that the embryo was not fully formed, but that it had formed some bones and a small heart. “But it doesn’t seem as thematic as you might imagine,” the expert explains. “This disorder occurs during embryonic development at the stage of closing the pits and the embryos cover one another,” Globus explains. “The inner embryo develops somewhat, but is not suitable for life.”

Doctors successfully removed the defect in the girl’s stomach and the baby recovered at home with his mother.

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