July 4, 2022

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The British Chief of Staff says the Black Sea incident will cause an ‘unjustified expansion’


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The incident with the Defender destroyer in the Black Sea, in a kind of cat and mouse game, created the risk of an “unjustified expansion,” admitted Nicholas Carter, the UK’s president.

UK Commander-in-Chief Nicholas Carter believes, The above The Telegraph wrote that the Guardian case in the Black Sea could lead to the risk of an “unjustified expansion” toward a “large-scale war.”

According to him, the danger of an “unjustified expansion” involving the UK was “something that kept me awake in bed at night”.

Carter says a miscalculation could lead to a “cat and mouse game” with Russia “Large-scale war”.

The Russian defense ministry said on Wednesday (23) that the British destroyer had crossed the Russian border near the Crimean-owned Cape Philand. A Russian Coast Guard ship fired a warning shot, and after repeated warnings, a Su-24M aircraft carried out a “warning bomb” in the course of a British ship.

The Ministry of Defense and the British Chancellor say there are no warning shots and that the ship is in Ukrainian territorial waters. And not from Russia. The British Ministry of Defense insisted that the ship proceed peacefully through Ukrainian territorial waters, in accordance with international law. He further added that Russia was conducting a training fire in the Black Sea and had warned the “marine community” in advance of its actions, according to the British Ministry of Defense.

However, Second A BBC journalist aboard the British ship had “many hostile radio warnings” and passed the guard A sign for Russia.

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