July 5, 2022

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The elephant pilgrimage through China will become a day of remembrance, conspirators, acting as a warning | Fantastic

The pilgrimage of a herd of elephants across China attracted attention last month. This is a group of 15 elephants that have traveled more than 500km across the country since April 2016, causing millionaire damage wherever they go. No one knows why the animals moved from the Laos border to the interior of Yunnan province in China, but experts believe hunting may have been a factor in the elephants’ migration. See the article above.

Elephants are also seen 24 hours a day. The government, which monitors the herd’s path and warns the population of nearby towns, and the population inspired by the event, followed in the footsteps of the animals like a big brother. Theories that could explain the animal marathon emerged: some believe it was an extraordinary activity of the sun that triggered the pioneering ‘intuition’ in animals; Others believe they go for food in local gardens; And there are people who think they are drunk.

But for experts, elephants can move in groups to escape predators, not even mentioning the reason for the walk. It occurs mostly in Africa where animals are found in 18 of the 54 countries. They represent a population of 350,000 animals on the continent. One-third of these are in Botswana, where hunting was banned in 2014, but reopened in 2019.

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