December 7, 2022

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The fish, dubbed the “living fossil”, is once again surprising scientists

Golakanth fish in Kenya (19. Nov.2001)
Photo: George Mulala / Reuters

Oh coelacanth – A fish is considered extinct Dinosaurs On the east coast of South Africa in 1938, before he was unexpectedly found alive 66 million years ago – this is even more amazing.

A new study of these large nocturnal tannins in the deep sea shows that there is a layer life about five times longer than previously believed – about a century – and that women carry their babies for five years, the longest known gestation period of all animals.

Scientists, focusing on one of the two species of koala, found that it evolved at a slower rate than other fish and did not reach sexual maturity until about 55 years of age.

The researchers used the annual growth rings on the fish scales – “like studying wooden rings,” explained Golic Mahe, a marine biologist at the French marine company Eframer. The study was published this week in the journal Biology.

The Golgands first appeared in the Devonian period, about 400 million years ago, and 170 million years before the dinosaurs. According to the fossil record, they were believed to have disappeared during the mass extinction that destroyed three-quarters of the Earth’s creatures after an asteroid crash in late Cretaceous.

After being found alive, Goyal was called a “living fossil” and this explanation has now been rejected by scientists.

“By definition, a fossil is dead, and a lot of Colognes have been formed since the Devonian (period),” said Mark Herbin, a biologist and co-author of the Natural History Museum in Paris.

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Goblins live in the ocean at a depth of 800 meters. During the day, they stay alone or in small groups in volcanic caves. Females are slightly larger than males, about two meters long and weigh 110 kg.

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