July 4, 2022

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The flight was canceled after 30 youths refused to wear masks due to infections

A flight from North Carolina to the Bahamas has been canceled after about 30 students refused to wear masks on board.
Image: WSOC-TV / Playback

An American Airlines flight from North Carolina to the Bahamas has been canceled.

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This came after about 30 teenage passengers refused to wear masks for the new corona virus infection. Flight 893 was presumed to have departed Charlotte Douglas Airport on Monday night (5), which took place only yesterday morning and was aboard with the youth.

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Initially the hour delay was caused by mechanical problems, but when the plane was about to take off, there was an argument between the crew and a group of young people who refused to follow federal regulations due to infection. Local channel WSOC-TV. The group consisted of about 30 students from Boston who will be traveling to celebrate graduation. The next day, they agreed to use security after spending the night at the airport. No arrests were made.

The cancellation of the flight greatly annoyed the passengers. “It was bad. At first, they were screaming. They were cursing. They were very unpleasant,” one of the passengers, Malik Banks, told the WSOCTV channel. All you have to do is follow the rules, put on a mask and sit there. There are no smart-ass ideas. They can’t do it, ”Randolph said without hiding his annoyance.

“Some people’s holidays are ruined. They will only go for a few nights. Now they have to be reconsidered, ”said another passenger, Stephanie Kreswanski. “It simply came to our notice then [usar máscaras], But you have to follow the rules ”.

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U.S. airlines say the incident reflects reduced civilization on board. Trade unions and federations in the sector last month called on the Justice Department to take formal action against the violence on the planes. As of January 1, there were 3,271 incidents involving passengers, of which 2,475 were related to people who refused to wear masks, according to the airline.

With AFP information.