July 4, 2022

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The group travels 500 km aimlessly and causes damage

About 16 elephants living in China can be considered “nomads”. Because a year ago they walked in groups and never stopped. According to the India Times, mammals have traveled more than 500 km.

Many contacts involving elephants can be found on social media. Weibo already has over 200 million contacts about “travel” on the website.

According to the Indian website, wild animals enter homes and farms in search of food. The group has already invaded an old people’s house and one of them has to hide under the bed.

Security Camera Shows Elephant Invasion In China - Playback / YouTube - Playback / YouTube

Security camera shows elephant invading China’s home

Image: Playback / YouTube

The elephant is an iconic animal in China, which is why the government has urged people not to scare them with fireworks and other tactics.

The adventure started in Yunnan Province and is now in Kunming, about 500 km from where it started. Some experts suspect the elephants may have lost their way to the group leader.

Despite the value loss of more than R5 million, some scoffed at the situation. “We have to be like the elephant, and we have to be family, take vacations and help, take care of each other, protect each other,” a YouTube user wrote.

The Kunming government released a statement yesterday saying the elephants were resting while being monitored by a team of 410 guards and 14 drones. Residents of the area where the group currently resides were evacuated to safer places.

The authorities’ aim is to create sensible conditions for elephants to migrate to the southwestern part of the country.

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