December 7, 2022

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The leader group gives up Nazareth on March 14. Understand!

Tapajas at Alter do Sao

Alder do São hosts Tabajas, Thursday through Saturday, attractions with musical accents from Brazil. Jane Duboc will perform with the Amazonia Jazz Band. Guitarists Pipoquinha and Pedro Martins (SP), guitarist Zé Paulo Becker (RJ), Trio Lobita (PA), Canto de Várzea, a traditional group from Santarém; Also guitarist Delgili Machado (PA) and guitarist Alan Gomez (AP). This is the 9th edition of Tabajas. In 2021, the event was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Para. Sayane Neno will host the ceremony.

Public transparency

Pará is an example of public transparency: the result obtained in the highest evaluation qualification in units, within the scope of the national public transparency program. TCE-PA receives the Gold Seal of Public Transparency, meeting 90% of the criteria required in the assessment. The decision was announced during the VIII National Assembly of Courts held in Rio. These developments reflect the work done during the administration of President Lourdes Lima.

Mayoka Ice Cream took off

The ice cream shop from Mayoka, Para has continued to grow in its seven years of operation. Seven points are already on sale, and now it is entering the rhythm of the franchise. In all the supermarkets in the capital, it has already reached Parauapebas in the interior. Exequiel Genovesi Business.


Segult’s president, Bruno Chagas, will meet with the Festa di Nazaré board to organize the centenary of the basilical title in 2023, with state support.

Buying goods at the store

GATE approved the merger of Allianz Soné groups (shopping malls Da Toga and Augusto Montenegro) and PR Malls in record time and unanimously. The new departmental company will manage 65 malls. And Para’s executive Rafael Sales will head the new company.


City Hall has already signaled that the new road connecting Centenário and Augusto Montenegro avenues will be named after Judge Egídio Sales, the grandfather of Rafael Sales, head of the Allianz Soné group that financed the work.


The Nipobras operating property in the heart of Toga will be joined by neighboring Cia Paulista de Pizza and Maioca still operating. With a frontage of 32 meters and 2,500 square meters, Quadra will build another luxury residence on the site.

Super Market

Grupo Líder and the Corrêa family, from the former Supermercados Nazaré, decided by common agreement to abandon the lease of the 14 de Março store with the Governor. The business has stores in São Francisco and Duke.


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One loophole at this point: businessman Joseel Rocha, owner of Guaraná Globo, is already quietly running the Monte Cristo and Canada Bus companies he recently bought.


Helder and Vel signed a protocol with the aim of activating a space for innovation in the bioeconomy in Belem, dedicated to strengthening this activity statewide. The signing took place during COP27.


This Wednesday, a public hearing will be held at 10 a.m. in the National Coordination of the Chamber of Deputies, the Regional Development Commission and the Amazon on oil and gas exploration along the equatorial margin. It will be streamed on YouTube.


On the agenda for this Monday’s debate: businessman Diego Andrade, local partner of Santa Grelha and Riori restaurants; and Adelson Barella, president of the Mormon Church in Brazil. RBA at 11 pm.

Earth quake

Ibama created a seismic license for Foz do Amazonas (not yet a dreamed-of drilling license). But the market is positively evaluated, because everything starts with an earthquake.


Formally released by the Energy in Transition Group, Petrobras’ pre-operational simulation at Equatorial Edge will now take place in the first week of December. It will involve five specialized ships, three helicopters and 450 personnel.


There will be a change of command at the 4th Naval District in January. Vice-Admiral Edgar Luis Barbosa goes to Rio, and Vice-Admiral Antonio Capistrano de Freidas Filho arrives from Brasilia to take charge at Belém.


100% Paraense startup LeR – Livros e Rostos is Brazil’s first book sharing app. And Xerfan Advocacia S/S supports this cultural initiative, which makes reading possible for people at no cost. It is the first institution to offer legal and technical books in this category.


Once again, Fonseca Brasil was nominated as the most admired office by Análise Advocacia, the largest national certification in the sector. It is also recognized as a respected office in the mining industry.


Django Vidal was alone in the White House business on the edge of Icoraci. It promises to go from tacky to chic.


Today is the official opening of the Mormon Temple on Centennial Avenue. Prizes Elder Renlund, world leader; and Elder Parrella, president of the church in Brazil. The event will be broadcast in real time to 36 churches in Para. The church unites about 25,000 believers in the state. Joel Fernandez will serve as the head of the temple.


Imperator and Samsung have teamed up with Famiglia Sicilia to present airless technology that controls air, artificial intelligence, energy efficiency savings of 77% and voice control usage and monitoring of appliance consumption.

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On Saturday, December 3, the inauguration ceremonies of BM Belém and Land Belém will take place simultaneously, now under the management of Motor Group Brasil, replacing Raviera. Recognized for excellence in customer service and execution of services, it is one of the largest premium groups in the country.


Another Finama course approved by MEC with high marks. This time it is the best in the country by getting 5 marks in nursing course.


Finama is the only faculty in the North and North East to have 100% courses with maximum quality in MEC.


Event producer Lany Cavallero signed the Arena Tucupi space, set in Bosque Grão-Pará, with a visual reminiscent of a stadium, but with all the comforts, security and concerts of many bands.


Much criticized, finally, the Qatar Cup begins. This is the 22nd edition of the grand event. Qatar invested 229 billion dollars (about 1.23 trillion rais). That’s 20 times more than what the Russians gave to promote the 2018 tournament. 1.2 million tourists are expected.


In the Amazon, no one doubts that if Lula succeeds in securing COP30, the event will take place in Belem. Holder’s proximity to the president-elect warrants a stop. Manas clinches the trophy and Belem is now eligible for the COP.


To host an event of COP’s scale, Belém will need to increase its hotel network, which is still short of requirements. In fact, Belém already has fewer beds than Salinas.


This weekend, the Furtura Gastronomy do Brasil program is in São Paulo. Bara, chef Paolo Anijer, has grilled chicken with tabreba coulis, rice with jambu pesto, annatto farofa and Brazil nuts.


The Aguileras leave for a shopping center in Gubernador near Patidek. In addition to an Emporio Tudo, there may be another Bluefit unit.

Department of Education

Work has begun on the installation of the Bluefit unit at the Formosa-Citate Nova complex.


The invasion of Ceará restaurants in Bosque Grão-Pará continues. Now, on the 28th, Santa Grelha and Riori are opening. An investment of six million rais will create 140 direct jobs, 90% of which are in Para.

Santa grid

Santa Grelha serves 50 pieces of beef, buffalo, mutton, pork, chicken, baby and yellow hake. Altair Burlamaqui’s Fazenda Carioca Brancus will be the meat provider.

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A complete oriental restaurant, not just sushi. A fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisine. Pink prawns and regional fish also feature on the menu.


From January to September, the flow of corn through the ports of Vila do Conte and Itaqui made up the difference. This product accounted for 47% of the volume transported through the country’s ports, which was able to compensate for the fall in soy cargo.


Belem Air Base will open on December 11th and will attract the whole family.


A feijoada on the 4th of December and then, on the 11th, an intensive cultural program, a regional food fair and a traditional Christmas lunch make up the Christmas festival at the Igreja da Trindade.


To celebrate the company’s 10 years of success as an energy distributor in the state, Equatorial Para is hosting an event this Tuesday at 7pm in AP.


Businessmen Leandro Pizzolatti and Fabio Sicilia sign a joint venture agreement on chocolate.


A Christmas promotion in Bosque Grão-Pará will buy a Hyundai New Creta car. To participate in the draw, consumers must enclose tax receipts in the amount of 250 rais.


Cattle breeders are unable to pay their dues and have been receiving 20% ​​less than slaughterhouse prices in recent months. This semester, the economics of agribusiness hit hard.


TAP grew by 223% and will carry half a million passengers between Brazil and Portugal by 2022.


Coco Bambu in Bosque served about five thousand customers last weekend. General success.


The company Guimarães Nasser Engenharia took the lead, the only machine in operation in the north that produces monolithic styrofoam panels serving civil construction. The material is 100% recyclable, taking Para to another level in terms of speed of work.

On the rise


Lula and ministers from Norway and Germany agreed to restart Amazon funding in early January.


Amazon will release US$540 million in frozen funds.


The Court of Justice will house its museum in the mansion on the corner of Nazaré and Rui Barbosa.



Companies and experts recommend reusing masks.


The Bolsonaro government is over, and there is no way to remove “Haider” from the bottom of Vila do Conte harbor.


INPE satellites detected 3,332 fires in Amazonas, Acre and Rondônia since the election.