September 28, 2022

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The monkey steals the cell phone and calls the police, prompting them to go to the zoo to find her.

Last Monday, the 15th, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office in California, USA, its Facebook profile An unusual case took place in the police station. A monkey steals a zookeeper’s phone and calls the police.

According to the police, the case happened on Saturday night and they received a call to 911 (emergency number), but the call ended soon after.

Concerned, the responding police tried calling and texting, but there was no response. Hence, a squad car was dispatched to the location called for investigation. This address led them to the offices of the Zoo – the local zoo. But no one called there.

Intrigued, all the workers on the site started to inquire as to who could have made such a call. That’s when they realized that the capuchin monkey inside the zoo might be Root, the monkey that lives on the trail.

The monkey appears to have taken the phone from a golf cart that roamed the zoo’s 40 acres. In the post, police wrote: “They say capuchin monkeys are very curious and will pick up anything and start pushing buttons.” That’s what Root did, he punched in the perfect combination that sent the call to the police.

Officials concluded by writing, “As you can see in these photos, Root is a little embarrassed about the whole thing. But you can’t really blame her, after all, monkey see, monkey do.”

Netizens were amused by this post. The post has over 1,700 reactions, 457 shares and dozens of comments full of humor.

“It’s a good way to make some friends in a hurry!” someone joked.

“Be smart, sorry!” Another commented.

“How funny. She’s such a cute little monkey,” wrote a third.

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