December 7, 2022

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The rare pink aurora borealis can be seen in the skies over Norway

considered Very much Rare, one Aurora Fries Rosa Recently shined in the sky nocturnal About A Norway. This happened later And solar storm what reached oh the planet e He is gone A Good luck Not the field magnet And Terra. interval He is gone what particles Sun light of Alta Energy Drilling More deeply in the atmosphere than usual, produces A light of Cor unusual.

The amazing light show can be observed on the night of November 3rd group By Marcus Warrick, a guide for Northern Lights tours by Greenland Tourism Company, whose headquarters are located near the city. Tromsø, In Norway. as serious Auroras appeared No the sky By Time 18 hours, Time local, e Stayed By Leaves About Two minutes, Second oh Guidance Statement In Live Science por Email.

“This were Pink auroras abound Forts That’s me vi more than One decade Tours Leaders”, says Warrick. “He One Great experience.”

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How did this episode go?

Pink auroras appeared in the sky as tiny cracks appeared in the magnetosphere. A field An invisible magnet all around And Earth in the making through the core of Metal planetary fluid. Oz researchers was discovered One crack After Little Storm Sun light, of Class G-1, reached A Earth in 3 November, Second oh site Space WEther.

Photo: Marcus Warrick/Greenlander

“A crack In the magnetosphere And Terra Also helped to create Forts Green auroras when A Night”, signaled the tour guide.

oh Good luck No Campo magnet with Closed Inside 6 hours After A Opening. In this medium Tempo, An unknown commodity of luz Blue too appeared in the sky About A SwedenWhere remained stopped By only 30 minutes, According to indicated oh Site Space Weather.

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Althoughos Scientists No know com Of course if it is event Contradictory This is A Type of Aurora Not found yet, caused By A field magnet crumbled, Or as As a result anything else. An expert pointed out What a match He can have been done fur Fuel Frozen from the rocket RousseauHowever, according to information on the website, no rocket was fired in the area.