December 7, 2022

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The robot uses artificial intelligence to travel 5 km | Novelty

Bipolar robot developed at the University of Oregon, USA United States, Was able to complete the 5km journey with the help of artificial intelligence.

The route, completed without a load and without outside assistance, was completed in 53 minutesThis represents a speed of 10 minutes per kilometer. According to Reuters, the world record time is 7 minutes 46s per kilometer.

The university claims that this is the device called Kasi The first dual robot to use machine learning to control its flow On the outer landscape. Besides the “legs”, the device has motors and controls that, in a man, are the abdomen.

In the future, the robot could be used to deliver packages or to help people at home.

While traveling on the track, Kasi fell twice. One was caused by your computer overheating, the other after trying to make a high-speed turn.

The robot was developed with a $ 1 million grant (Just over $ 5 million) provided by the U.S. Department of Defense. It was developed by a university-based company called Agility Robotics.

According to the company, part of Cozy’s progress is learning how to balance itself dynamically and making subtle changes to stay afloat while moving.

Kasi Dual Robot Made by Agility Robotics – Photo: Advertising / University of Oregon