December 7, 2022

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The search for the victims of the Surface building collapse is coming to an end

A month ago, firefighters stopped work at the site of a disaster that killed at least 97 people, ending a search for victims in a partially collapsed building on the Surfside in Fla.

“It’s hard to believe that one month has passed since the greatest tragedy in our social history,” Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine-Gawa said on Twitter this Saturday (24).

“Although the site of the collapse was limited to the size of a block of a United City, its repercussions were beyond our district and touched life around the world,” he added in a video posted on the social network.

On Friday, local officials said search and rescue teams had completed their operations at the site of the collapse of the Champline Towers South building. They have been working on the site since the early hours of June 24 when the 12-story seaport tower on the Surface north of Miami Beach collapsed.

No survivors were found in the rubble, and on July 7, firefighters announced they were focusing on searching for human remains.

After removing tons of rubble, the site of the building is now empty, with only four walls of the structure standing.

So far, 97 people have been identified as dead, but authorities believe one is missing, Levin-Kawa said this week. Miami-Tate police are searching for the remains of the last victim, where they kept what was removed from the crash site.

One month after it happened, the cause of the collapse is still unknown. Initial elements of the investigation appear to have eroded the building’s structure in some areas.

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