September 28, 2022

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The ship was towed after running aground in Egypt’s Suez Canal the world

An oil tanker was temporarily docked in the Suez Canal Egypt, on Wednesday (31) night due to a technical fault with its rudder. The vessel, Affinity V, has already been towed, blocking the southern part of the canal, according to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA).

The incident took place on the same monorail where the giant cargo ship arrived. Ever Given, six days of immersion in March 2021Disrupts global trade.

According to the Tanker Trackers vessel tracking service, the tanker appears to have lost control while heading south. “It has temporarily blocked traffic and is now back south but moving slowly with the help of a tug,” the company said on Twitter.

Tanker Trackers logs also suggest that the Affinity V may have been attacked by a smaller vessel, the Amelia, which was traveling on the same frequency.

After the run of Ever Given last year, SCA announced an acceleration in the channel’s expansion plans. The project includes the widening of a second channel that allows ships to pass in both directions as part of its course and the deepening of the existing channel.

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