July 30, 2021

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The special arbitrator rejects Fujimori’s request to cancel the vote in Peru’s elections; Let’s take the request to the last place The world

Special Electoral Referee Peru The first appeal was dismissed Keiko Fujimori To cancel the presidential election in the country. The right-wing candidate is competing against the Left in the ballot box Point Pedro Castillo June 6th.

Fujimori filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and demanded the cancellation of 802 ballot boxes, representing about 200,000 votes. In all, he made 945 requests, but only 134 arrived within the allotted time, according to a report in the Peruvian newspaper La Repubblica.

With the rejection, the daughter of the former dictator is the candidate Alberto Fujimori There is still one failure in the attempt to take the elections. However, your party Famous force It may still try to appeal to the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE).

Keiko Fujimori has called for the cancellation of 200,000 votes in Peru's election

Keiko Fujimori has called for the cancellation of 200,000 votes in Peru’s election

Until the last update of this article o Famous force It did not comment on this possibility, but hoped that political commentators in the Peruvian press would appeal to Fujimori Court until the last moment.

Castillo’s party has denied the allegations and said the election was open to international observers in Lima.

Peruvian caretaker President Francisco Chagasti has rejected an attempt by Reserve Army troops to interfere in the presidential election.

In a letter, the group of armed members asked Sagasti to boycott the results of the recent election, alleging irregularities.

Interim President of Peru Francisco Sagasti in an interview with Reuters in Lima on November 19, 2020 – Photo: Sebastian Castaneda / Reuters

The interim president announced the opening of an inquiry into the content and copyright of the document, which could be considered “conduct detrimental to the rule of law.”

“It is unacceptable for a group of retired armed forces to incite military, naval and air force orders to violate the law,” Chagasti said in a statement.